Ghee Whiz Fried Apples

Grilled apple breakfast

Sunday Brunch – It’s becoming a new tradition. The Tater Tots will probably be around for a few more iterations until they are all gone, as I have found that frozen potatoes do not keep very well.

Today the star was Ghee Whiz Fried Apples.

I melted some ghee and then sprinkled in a smidge of coconut sugar and let it brown together just a bit. The apple slices browned quite nicely, and when they were turned over, a sprinkling of cinnamon really made the kitchen smell delightful.

After I had taken the picture of my plate – and had eaten the contents – a look at the picture showed me all sorts of things I should have done differently, both in the food arrangement and the photographing. But hunger had gotten the better of me, so by the time I figured out that changes were in order, it was simply too late! Slurp! I’ll do better next time! ;->


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13 Responses to Ghee Whiz Fried Apples

  1. bjdewell says:

    Gee, that’s an easy one – and I have apples to use up. You always give me new ideas, and it’s so nice when I have the ingredients on hand. 🙂


    • judilyn says:

      Have you tried coconut sugar? It is fairly expensive, but we use such small bits of sugar that there is little consequence. This took MAYBE a whole tablespoon in volume. By using ghee, there was no burning, so the apples just browned nicely, becoming sweeter all on their own. DH said that they tasted like a piece of apple pie, only without all that greasy crust! I took it as a compliment! ;->


  2. tinycamper says:

    What a delightful brunch! I am going to head for the kitchen and make some ghee right now. And dream of fried applies! 🙂


    • judilyn says:

      Do you use unsalted butter? The recipe I use says to, but I wonder why. Maybe the salt makes it harder to do without burning it??


      • tinycamper says:

        No, I have never used unsalted butter. I learned how to make it decades ago from watching The Galloping Gourmet, and I don’t think he mentioned using unsalted. 🙂


        • judilyn says:

          I was an ardent fan of his when he was doing his shows live. I guess they are all on tape now. I have several of his books, and, of course, a SPURTLE! ;-> I lost interest when Treena had her health problems (stroke and heart attack) and he changed his whole mode of doing things. He wasn’t as much “fun” as previously, but he was right in trying to get across a better way of eating. His recipes were always fairly caloric, so adjustments had to be made. But mostly I just loved his flair. I always wished to see a show with him and Julia Child! Julia did pair up with Jacques Pepin, though, and that was very enjoyable. He’s another favorite!


  3. tinycamper says:

    I also lost interest when he changed his style. Watching him was great entertainment!

    I also love Jacques Pepin. He’s the one who taught me how to cook eggs properly!

    And dear Julia. I miss her. 🙂


  4. I have apples & coconut sugar in the pantry–this looks absolutely delicous & can almost smell those yummy cooked apples too! The perfect dessert for a rainy day–thank you!


    • judilyn says:

      The coconut sugar makes all the difference. Regular sugar, or brown sugar even, gets very sweet and sticky. The coconut sugar just imparted a lovely “browning” to the apples, so that the apple-y taste was there to enjoy.


  5. gypsy97 says:

    My mother used to make fried apples, southern style, and how I loved them. I never could make them as good as I remembered hers.


    • judilyn says:

      Try this simple way, Marty. They are so tasty. You could put a little cream on them, if you like that taste combination. Or soak a few raisins to add to a bowl of apples and cream! Yum! I’m making myself hungry here!!!


  6. LFFL says:

    It looks marvelous, Judilyn! I haven’t had fried apples in a long while.


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