Chinaberry Tree in Tombstone, Arizona

window and chinaberry

A photo outing? Sure! I’m ready . . . well, except that I forgot to take my camera!


But, true to form, Mama Judie’s Magic Purse to the rescue. I always carry a small, but more-than-adequate, Canon SD1100 8MP camera in my purse for just such emergencies. Fortunately, I had just checked and recharged the three batteries a couple of weeks ago, so I was good to go. This is a great camera, and I was so happy to be able to pull it out for some well-deserved exercise.

I mounted the camera on my Canon monopod and whirled through Tombstone with that peculiar-looking apparatus, snapping away. After a couple of hours, I found myself enthralled with the new perspective that this combination brought to my eye. Having only a 3x zoom was so very different from what I have been accustomed to seeing through the viewfinder. Happily, a couple of hours into the shoot, as The Golden Hour settled down around us, the buildings and other objects came to life in a way that made my heart sing.

The picture above is making me a happy camper. Was there some sort of “camera soul” at work that pulled me to this spot as a consolation prize? As I look at it this morning, I see so many components that I didn’t see when releasing the shutter – all of which add to the overall appeal.

I started this post last night, well after midnight, but got too sleepy to finish. I woke up this morning with this image in my mind, and couldn’t wait to finish the post and get it published.

For those of you who might find this photo pleasing, would you be so kind as to tell me what you see that appeals to you?


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37 Responses to Chinaberry Tree in Tombstone, Arizona

  1. I was attracted by the idea that I’d get a close-up look at the TREE! However, when I got there, the tree paled in comparison to the color composite! It’s so appealing to have the bright colors as the background, the slightly ‘weathered’ look, too! This is something I would put on the wall in my home if the colors wouldn’t clash with what I have already!

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    • judilyn says:

      Thank you, Beck! ;-> I forgot to mention that the photo can be enlarged by clicking, letting it load, and then clicking again. It is pretty grainy at that point, though! I’m so glad that the portrait of that window touched you enough to write a comment. I really appreciate your taking the time to do so. ;->


  2. gypsy97 says:

    I love this picture! First of all, I love warm colors and the color on the wall pleases me very much. I like the combination of light and shadow in the picture (when I try to take photos showing light & shadow, the shadow just looks too dark). I like the way the light hits the tree in front of the window making it shine and stand out. And finally, I absolutely love photos of any kind of doorway, arch, window – things that let you see into another world and pull you in. The curtains in this window are just slightly parted at the bottom, inviting you to take a peek into another world. Great photo!

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  3. Dale Ellis says:

    Great color, and same for content!

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  4. Bev says:

    The warm colors are wonderful, but when my eyes found the delicately painted window trim of the little blue flowers, I broke into a smile. That was a pleasant surprise. I also like the pitcher and bowl in the window next to the slightly parted curtain. Great find! Wish I had seen it!

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  5. Shirley Nordenberg says:

    The colors are so amazing!!!! and the shadows on the building! Great picture!

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  6. I like the color and the painted vine on the sill and the ‘wee’ pitcher inside and of course the weird tree…. nothing like we have in the high desert!! the light is beautiful, just a bright, sunny picture with interest!!

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  7. Kit says:

    Appeals: First, the light. The scene is alive with light the way it brings out the many features. . .along with the shadows from the trees onto the wall. Next the colors of the wall and the window frame. Fantastic pic! Dr. J does it once again!

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  8. bjdewell says:

    I love photos of doors and windows, so I like it for that alone. Then – the colors are beautiful, glowing – the detail around the window frame is a nice surprise, as is the pitcher inside on the sill. It looks like there’s a little goose’s neck and head next to it. The half moon stained-glass inset at the top. Isn’t it nice that the simplest photos are often the best? 🙂

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  9. Beautiful photo.
    It reminded me of Mark Rothko’s orange and blue paintings.

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  10. Really gorgeous warm color on the wall, sweet little decoration around the window & the branches of the tree/bush casting shadows everywhere. It reminds me of something we would see in New Mexico, which is my lyrical place. Your backup camera did an amazing job–as did you! Thank you for this moment of calm, color & beauty.

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  11. Sherry says:

    That is a fabulous picture. What appeals to me Well everyone has already said it. The light! I like that it is off center and the tree is over part of the blue window frame. I love the color contrast and all the minute details. If this is your secondary camera I’d love to know what your primary one is. Simply beautiful. You’ve got the eye that’s for sure.

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  12. dreamjosie says:

    You have a winner here Judie. There is so much to love. The longer I looked at it, the more I found. Initially I just loved the warm colors, the delicate tree and the tree shadow. Then I found the tiny painted flowers around the window, and finally, noticed the stained glass insert at the top of the window. All pretty little details, but contrasting with the weathered rawness of the wooden piece at the top of the window which is disintegrating and badly in need of some paint.

    The burst of fresh green at the bottom of the tree is nice. And I never noticed the slight parting of the curtains until one of your readers mentioned it. If I had more wall space I would love to frame and hang it in my “home”. Perhaps one day…….

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  13. luvglass says:

    There is so much to like. The detail around the window is really a surprise. I this out of the camera, or did you crop it?

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    • judilyn says:

      Heavily cropped. I didn’t think the parked car added a thing to the overall beauty. It is the side window to a restaurant. It used to be Nellie Cashman’s some years ago. There is a ramshackle sign at the back of the restaurant that I should have captured, but at the time, I didn’t realize how much I would love this photo. The new name on the front of the restaurant is Margarita’s. We were there on a Monday, and they were closed.

      Several people came up to it while we were there, and seemed chagrined to be able to eat there, so maybe it is a good place to eat. We ate there in December of 2008, when it was still Nellie Cashman’s, and it was . . . well, not some place I would choose to revisit.

      I like the name Nellie Cashman’s better because there is some Tombstone history behind that name – all of which I have forgotten now. All I can remember without going Google is that she was well liked because she fed hungry people when they needed help. Not sure of veracity, though.


  14. Holly Knott says:

    I just LOVE this photo, Judie. That intense late afternoon golden light, that often doesn’t last more than 5 minutes in some situations, is my favorite. So fleeting. So you’ve got like a double version of it here with the orange facade and orange light. The delicate details on the window trim and stained glass and the delicate little berries (?) on the bush all seem different to me than what I’m used to seeing of most southwest architecture (big chunky lines). LOVE this shot!!

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  15. Laurie says:

    What they all said!

    For me, it was the color first – yum! Then the detail, especially the window trim and the leaded glass in the top of the window, the pitcher and the slightly parted curtain. And the shadow… it all came together beautifully. Eye candy.

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    • judilyn says:

      Isn’t it great? I can hardly contain myself – I am so in love with that picture! It seems conceited to say so, but I would love it just as much if someone else had produced it. I may have to spring for a professional print to be made of it!! ;->


  16. LFFL says:

    I am absolutely in love with that pretty orange color! You took a great picture.

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  17. Clanmother says:

    Windows have always been my iconic symbol for opportunities. Amazing colours!

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