Cranberry Relish

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This is one of our favorite dinners. Roast chicken, in a rich gravy made from the very gelatinized bone broth from the roasting process, is great comfort food, but it is the cranberry relish that makes it so very special.

This is a very quick to do dinner, thanks to my Zojirushi rice cooker. I “baked”(separately) sweet potatoes, and then the white potatoes to make the “mashers”, in about an hour without any assistance from me once they were in the pot. So why is there no sweet potato on my plate? I ate one as a snack before dinner! They are irresistible to me straight out of the cooker.

Sweet potatoes are one of life’s great pleasures. They bake up splendidly with not much in the way of requirements, and provide their own “dish”. Just grab a spoon, cut the potato in half, and scoop out the loveliness into your mouth. No need for any topping or fussing. Put the skin down the disposer, rinse off the spoon, and let your tummy enjoy the warmth, all the while knowing the great nutritional benefits that you have just provided for your body.

But the cranberry relish . . . ah, the cranberry relish. When cranberries are available I usually make up a couple of batches of the relish and then freeze about four packages of the cranberries to trot out during the year to make a fresh batch now and then.

It is really easy – Grind up twelve ounces of cranberries, a whole orange, and add a cup of sugar. Then let it sit in the refrigerator for a day to meld flavors. This is one recipe in my repertoire that requires more sugar than I usually like to use, but we eat the finished product in small amounts.

My mother would put chopped pecans in this, and sometimes I sprinkle some on top at serving time, but if you add them in, they get soggy. The combination of the flavors, though, is quite enjoyable.

The color alone is enough to make me smile! ;->


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10 Responses to Cranberry Relish

  1. bjdewell says:

    I always have cranberry sauce with poultry – it just adds to the flavor of the meat I think. I’ve never made my own, but now that I have your recipe, I’m sure I will in the future. Thanks! 🙂


    • judilyn says:

      You’re soooo right! It is just the thing to add that bit of sparkle to the meal. And so easy to make. Do you have some sort of food processor to grind up the fruits?


  2. dreamjosie says:

    I make the same cranberry relish. I think I use more sugar though (don’t want to dig out my recipe right now). I also grind one apple into the mix. It’s the way my mom made it. Naturally I don’t have enough room in my freezer to do what you do, but I still made room for a small container the last time I made it. Your dinner plate looks yummy.


  3. Liz says:

    Roast chicken in rich gravy sounds very delicious. I would eat it even without the relish. I’ve never made cranberry relish, but thanks for sharing the recipe. I shall be giving it a go soon. I missed the Swiss cheese omelette, but I hope you enjoyed it!


  4. LFFL says:

    Look at that bright green broccoli. Pretty!


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