Puerco Peruano

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Have you ever tried Peruano beans? They are truly magnificent, supplanting the beloved red beans, if you can believe it.

Part leftovers and part freshly cooked, here is what we had for lunch yesterday:

Into a very hot skillet with some ghee in it, toss sliced red peppers and sauté them until they blacken a bit. Add onions that have been cut to approximately the same size, and when the peppers and onions are nearly done, add some cut up steak from the previous night. The night before, take the steak off the fire when it is still rare because it will get cooked some more now. Next add some cooked rice, or noodles, or any grain or potato that you would like, and heat everything up – like this:

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Now comes the Peruano beans. They are on top of the rice that is directly on top of the tostada, and then everything else is just piled on helter skelter. If you haven’t tried Peruano beans, try to find them. They are fabulous. Soak overnight, and cook gently with a couple of bay leaves for a few hours the next day. No extra seasoning needed, except salt to taste – we use Vegesal.

And yes, I know “puerco” is pork, and the meat I show here is “beef”, but the PUERCO indicates the eater of all those Peruano beans – his new favorite.

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4 Responses to Puerco Peruano

  1. LFFL says:

    Well, I’ve never heard of those beans before. I learn something new every day.


  2. Laurie Brown says:

    It is 6 am or so, I am up early and HUNGRY.  That looks SOOOOOOO good. 


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