Creole Cream Cheese and Red Eye Gravy

wc poached horseradish

It’s Sunday again, and, after a couple of weeks off from poached eggs, we’re back at it again. This time the polenta had a good-sized hunk of the horseradish white Cheddar cheese in it, but the flavor is too subtle to be noticed for what it is. Instead, it provided a nice “fullness of flavor” to the otherwise somewhat bland polenta.

The white stuff in the little bowl is faux Creole Cream Cheese. I clabbered it from buttermilk and whole milk just as an experiment. The real thing is made of cream and has rennet in it. It was tasty enough with the strawberries dipped into it. DH added some maple syrup to his, which he liked better than plain. Someday I’ll try to make the real thing.

Another experiment, actually a second try, worked out better. I buttered up the inside of an English muffin form, put it into the pan of hot water, and broke two eggs into it. They poached together quite nicely. Last time I greased the ring with coconut oil, and it wasn’t enough – they stuck a bit. They slid right out this time. WIN! ;->

When I was a kid in Florida, my grandparents would take me with them every summer up to the mountains of North Carolina, and we would stop for breakfast somewhere along the way – probably in Georgia. The diners always boasted of a breakfast including ham and “red eye gravy”, which sounded perfectly dreadful to me.

But as you can see on my polenta, I’ve changed my tune. It was delicious!

wc poached Judie's


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9 Responses to Creole Cream Cheese and Red Eye Gravy

  1. Kit says:

    That “DH” person. . .is one lucky Dude!


  2. There so many things we don’t like as kids and then we get it! 🙂


  3. Liz says:

    This is more like a buffet lunch or dinner. I hope you enjoyed eating it. The photos are great too. Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. LFFL says:

    I swear I’m just gonna show up outta nowhere for some eatin’, Judilyn! 🙂


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