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Computers . . . they just blow my mind! I worked at Apple Computer (2/86 – 6/94) and saw so many innovations, but my mouth routinely drops open at what I have seen happening in the industry since then. I can have a lovely conversation with a friend in Wales while sitting in the doctor’s office waiting room – and that’s just one tiny piece. You all know what I am talking about.

F’rinstance, these are two drives that we have used. The red one is a few years old and ably provided 320 GB of space. That seemed like infinity to me at the time.

The blue one is brand new and is capable of storing TWO TERABYTES of information. Six+ times as much storage space in a smaller footprint!

Okay, terabyte – what does that actually mean? I thought I understood how huge an amount that really is – until I looked at this page:


I’m not greedy – I’ll go for the Brontobyte! ;->

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20 Responses to Less is More

  1. Dale Ellis says:

    The actual disc drive in the two boxes are the same size. Seagate made the electronics smaller, which sits at one end of the drive, so it fits in a smaller space. Everything inside runs cooler, so the ventilation is no longer required.

    “Once Upon A Time”, I spent 7 years as an engineer and engineering manager at Seagate in Scotts Valley, CA.


  2. Clanmother says:

    Very true! You have the power of communication at your fingertips and are connected to the world. We really are becoming global citizens!!!


  3. Sherry says:

    It’s mind boggling. I wonder what we did with our time before all these electronic toys?


  4. Shirley Nordenberg says:

    You totally lost me ! I could so easily do without a computer BUT I like to “talk ” to my family and friends!!!


  5. dawnbmoore says:

    Terabytes will probably seem small one of these days! I hope I see Brontobytes during my lifetime!


  6. bjdewell says:

    I have the red Seagate with 1 TB – wow, double that size would be nice. I’d probably never have to buy a new one. šŸ™‚


    • judilyn says:

      Do you back up to one disk one night, and to a different one the next night? We leapfrog our back ups like that in case of disk failure. It’s good insurance – and peace of mind. ;->


  7. LFFL says:

    Interesting! I’m going for this one—1 Geopbyte!


  8. Jim Melvin says:

    My first computer had 40MB. HA! And to think I thought that was really big. How times have changed.


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