Pancakes, with Ham and Cheese

pancake breakfast w ham and cheese

It’s Sunday again, and time for THE SPECIAL BREAKFAST!

This time I made pancakes that were chock full of pecans in the batter, and then added blueberries as I poured the batter onto the electric frying pan. The combination was just mah-velous!

I didn’t have a lot of ham, so I made little sticks of what was available, and then put some pepper cheese over the top and let that melt while I was poaching the eggs.

The combination of these bits was really nice, and there are even eight pancakes left over for midnight snacks. ;->

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13 Responses to Pancakes, with Ham and Cheese

  1. dawnbmoore says:

    Mmmmmm…blueberries, pancakes, pepper jack! Delish!


  2. LFFL says:

    Oh, I love Special Breakfast Sundays at your place, Judilyn! I can’t tell but are those pancakes huge or a regular size? I tend to make mine on the bigger side.


  3. gypsy97 says:

    I think the pancakes sound absolutely yummy. I have walnuts on hand and wonder if they would work in place of the pecans. Although pecans are my favorite I sometimes switch to the walnuts.


  4. Kit says:

    I really-really think you should start that cookbook. . .

    “Dr. J’s Culinary Delights” A best seller!


  5. taphian says:

    I do these blueberry pancakes, too, sometimes. We all love them. The ham looks delicious, too. I’m licking my lips, virtual hugs, Mitza


  6. bjdewell says:

    Okay, this was definitely a winner meal, every part of it. I don’t often make pancakes, but putting berries and nuts in the batter would be delicious. And I also like the idea of melting cheese over the ham sticks – great idea. Now, poached eggs, those I do make from time to time to mix with cut up toast pieces. Sometimes nothing is as good as a great breakfast! 🙂


  7. miltonjohns says:

    Very nice. This would make a nice change for me. Breakfast has to be my favourite as well.


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