Curried Beef Plate

curry rice and

My Canadian friend, Liz, will laugh her head off at this reference to a dish that has “curry” in the title. This is clearly a dish for a curry wuss – and that’s me!

Why are there two colors of rice? Well, the yellow rice is curry rice; the white is just regular. The curry rice was just too much for my tastebuds delicato, so I made an additional batch of white rice to mix in. Ah, much better.

Our new favorite seasoning, Berbere, is making its appearance everywhere these days. It goes well with almost anything that might be described as “savory” in nature.


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17 Responses to Curried Beef Plate

  1. gypsy97 says:

    I’m with you on being a curry wuss – a little goes a long way! The food looks very good, and I think I’d like it.

    • judilyn says:

      Oh, I’m pretty sure you would find it a refreshingly pleasant flavor. The curry is more of an ambience than what I have had in Indian restaurants. An ambience is plenty enough for me. I like the uniqueness of it, but not the initial assault or the burning sensation later on!

  2. Kit says:

    So. . .could it be said that you are “currying a flavor” from the G-Man?

  3. Looks yummy, even for a wuss! 😀

    • judilyn says:

      It did hit the spot, but I don’t do it very often. Sometimes I just make a bit of a curry sauce, and Gary uses it as a “gravy” on his food.

  4. Tammy says:

    I am a full on curry stud but I don’t know anything about berbere?

    • judilyn says:

      If you like curry, you will LOVE Berbere. You can get a curry fix on anything with a quick sprinkle. It goes on the table for all meals now. It comes in a shaker bottle. Very nice addition.

  5. Clanmother says:

    I love curry! The best thing about living in Vancouver is that we have a great diversity of cuisines. Your chickpeas look delicious! 🙂

    • judilyn says:

      After having cooked them from dried beans for several years, I would NEVER go back to canned ones. The difference is significant. I put half in a vinaigrette and half I leave plan for something like the curry. So yummy!

      • Clanmother says:

        I agree wholeheartedly. I gave up cans a while back when I started using the crockpot. I was amazed how simple it all was. 🙂

      • judilyn says:

        I have a six-cup Crock-ette that is in use several times a week. Today it made super luscious red beans; the rice cooker made the rice, so all I had to do was heat up the meatloaf from the other night, and cook the collard greens. Dinner was a snap!

  6. Liz says:

    You cracked me up completely. So you made the rice, tasted it and then decided to put it aside and make another pot of white rice to blend it with. Wow that is something to laugh about. I can barely glimpse the curry rice, maybe you just added a spoonful or so? LOL. I can see the ceci beans, clearly and the mushrooms. I’ve eaten a lot of Ethiopian food. The stew is usually reddish in colour, very oily, and a little too hot for my palate (from that Berbere spice of yours.) I’ll see if the bulk barn store has some Berbere but i’m sure I can get it in Toronto! Have a wonderful week!

    • judilyn says:

      Curry wuss, that’s me! Gary thought it was just right. I mixed mine about half and half; the yellow-y rice just doesn’t show up as much because it is on the bottom.

      I like the Berbere seasoning In small shakes on the food. That way I can control the heat. I am getting accustomed to it. I put it on my poached eggs last Sunday. What an adventurer I am!

  7. LFFL says:

    I don’t think I’ve cooked with curry yet, but keep hearing good things about it. Not sure if I’d like it though. I guess I’d have to taste it—and maybe I have somewhere and didn’t realize it.

    • judilyn says:

      It sneaks up on you – so be careful when you start. If someone asked “do you want curry?”, I’d politely decline, but if I can control the amount, then it is good as a nice change from “plain”. Try the Berbere spice I’ve been yapping about. It isn’t curry, but it has the same qualities, and is easy to just sprinkle on a bit of your food to see how you like it, and in what quantities.

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