Hearty Havarti

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After last night’s near miss at another hospital stay, DH wanted something easy on the tummy – pasta, cheese, eggs.

This can all be done in one pan, lickety split.

Put a little ghee in a pan and stir up the leftover pasta until it is hot. Shove to one side and top with whatever cooked veggies you have available. I used kale, red peppers, and a little fresh salsa. Ordinarily I would have put in onions and mushrooms, but decided to go easy with the variety of things to be safe. Top with a bit of creamy cheese – Havarti is excellent for this.

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While everything is heating and the cheese is melting, whip up some eggs in a bowl, and season them how you like. I used just Montreal Steak Seasoning this time. Melt some additional ghee in the pan, and gently scramble the eggs. When they are just slightly less done than you like, mix everything together and plate it on up!

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I had offered him some ham in it, but forgot to put it in, so just cubed it up and tossed it on top, just like that had been my intention all along! ;-> At the table, I added rosemary and caraway seeds to mine.

Half a whole wheat sandwich bun with butter and Seville marmalade – and YUM!

It’s now four hours later, and he isn’t doubled up in pain like last night, so I guess the crisis has passed.


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7 Responses to Hearty Havarti

  1. Kit says:

    Hang tough, G-Man. . .


  2. Glad to hear the crisis has passed… Hope it will keep on like this.


  3. dreamjosie says:

    Yikes! We don’t want Gary in the hospital again.


  4. LFFL says:

    Looks good as always. Glad the crisis has passed. 🙂


    • judilyn says:

      He loved it so much that he asked me to make the same thing today for his lunch. Differences: today was spinach, instead of kale, with added onions, and the salsa was on top of the whole she-bang.


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