Leaf Sandwich – To Go, Please

Leaf sandwich to go.jblog

Today we hopped the fence and took off on an excursion . . . to the alley in back of the house. With the monsoon rains, a lot of wildflowers bloom out there, so we stalked them.

But I happened upon this industrious fellow, who, seemingly having tried his best to devour the entire leaf in one sitting, decided to ask for a doggy bag to take the rest home with him. Request denied, so he decided to just tough it out, and get it back home the best way he could. The two leaves seemed to be stuck together, so he was pulling the weight of two leaves. He was able to move it a short distance, but presumably he figured the return on investment wasn’t enough to persevere. He soon abandoned the task, or maybe he was going for help.

There was a tiny “forest” of these plants not far from the main anthill entrance, so maybe it was under cultivation by the denizens of the hill.

Ant plant forest.blog

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10 Responses to Leaf Sandwich – To Go, Please

  1. rita says:

    wow how neat I envy you thanxs for the picture what a joy!!!!!!


  2. gypsy97 says:

    How interesting to see the ant up close. Have you gone back to see whether he enlisted some help?


  3. Incredible photo.
    What a hard working little creature!


  4. Amazing little creatures — fun photos!


  5. LFFL says:

    Look at that thing!


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