Straddling the Fence

roadrunner on

He couldn’t seem to make up his mind which side of the fence he wanted to be on.

Big excitement today – an even half dozen black cows went wandering by. The mesquite trees are so dense now, that it was hard to keep track of the cows as they went along!

We could hear a lot of that raspy sound made by roadrunners, and pretty soon, one of the rock squirrels came tearing across the yard and made a dive under the workshop for safety.

After a fairly big rainstorm this afternoon, a lone cotton tail came out to see what was going on.


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6 Responses to Straddling the Fence

  1. gypsy97 says:

    Great shot, especially of the roadrunner.


  2. bjdewell says:

    Yaaaay, the Roadrunner is back. Great photo! You are so lucky to have such an abundance of birds and animals right outside your windows.


  3. Sherry says:

    You see as many adventures in your backyard as a lot of people see on the road depending on where they camp. Great story.


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