Zuppa Tuscany, Ensalat, e Pizza

zuppa ensalat pizza.blog

Now THAT was a great lunch!

I had made chicken gravy the night before using some really thickly gelled bone broth, and there was plenty left over. So I added a diced potato, and the toppings that were left over from the pizza of the day before, which were onions, red peppers, and mushrooms. There was about half a cup of cooked kale, so I chopped that up fine, and added that, too. There were my usual seasonings of Montreal Steak Seasoning, Mexican oregano, Cajun seasoning, Italian herbs, a smidge of tarragon, a tiny shake of mild chili powder, and a smattering of extra sharp Cheddar cheese.

With the ceci beans (garbanzos) for even more protein, the salad was a nice accompaniment. I took one slice of the leftover pizza from the day before and split it down the middle for the “bread” to go with the soup.

The best part? I am about to make the same thing in a moment for today’s lunch! This was chosen over my offering of a steak and mushroom panini, so I guess it was a winner.

After lunch, I will be posting to my ANIMALS SPOTTED page, so come back for a look! ;-> Hint: Pyrrhuloxia

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4 Responses to Zuppa Tuscany, Ensalat, e Pizza

  1. Beautiful looking soup! 🙂


  2. Liz says:

    You make me feel so hungry and I’ve not had breakfast. I want that…the soup, please! Have a wonderful day


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