White Dragon Fruit

white dragon fruit.blog

This spectacular fruit showed up in Safeway yesterday. There was no price on it, and I was afraid to ask, so I just took a picture of it to enjoy!

It’s available year around in Australia, and here is a quick link to what it looks like inside.

And, yes, it really is that brightly colored! ;->


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13 Responses to White Dragon Fruit

  1. Hi. Here in the Philippines you can get one in less than 1 dollar. I like dragonfruits too:-) so healthy.


  2. gypsy97 says:

    After seeing the picture of the inside, did you wish you had bought it?


    • judilyn says:

      Oh, definitely, YES! I was in a rush to get home to prepare lunch, so didn’t want to take the time to chase down a clerk. If I see them again, there will be one in my basket, fur sure!


  3. Sherry says:

    What an interesting name and interesting fruit. Amazing that things can be affordable when shipped from so far away.


  4. Once cut, you’ll see white juicy pulp with black small seeds. Some can be sweet and tangy, others are quite bland. They are nice in a fruit salad, not suitable for baking.


  5. Liz says:

    You mean you can just take photos…I would love to do that too! and yes I wonder why it’s called white dragon fruit and yet it’s full of colour at least on the outside. Let me have a glimpse of the inside. maybe it’s white…..enjoy the weekend!


    • judilyn says:

      The URL in my post showed the inside – and it is, indeed, quite brilliant white. It has little seeds that are about the size and appearance of poppy seeds. If/When I become the owner of a white dragon fruit, I will take and post its portrait – inside and out. ;->


      • Liz says:

        oh yes I saw the photo and then understood why it’s called the white dragon fruit. The seeds look like poppy seeds. That’s what I thought of the moment I saw them. Enjoy the new week!


  6. mary jane s. says:

    They are in our safeway too, but priced at $3.99 each, oh my goodness sakes alive, tomatoes are exorbitant at the safeway too..Turkeys run a big one about $32.00 a gourmet kind, the turkey breasts are $1.29 a pound and the fully cooked turkey’s frozen butterball run about $22.00…I say just wait on thanksgiving sales and pick up 2 and keep one ready at the standby, usually our safeway lets you get them with a minimum purchase price easy to do with the prices here and I say thaw it out and bake/roast it itself..love your blog, happy holidays soon!


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