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Since the pancakes have become so important to Sunday breakfasts, I have been pushing to make them better than ever, so a few months ago, I started sifting the dry ingredients together. Is that really necessary?

Well, it DOES seem to make a difference. As I was banging my wire strainer on one bowl and then the other, it occurred to me that I owned a perfectly good flour sifter. Not the big one with the turn handle with the red knob on it, but a small, squeeze-handled one that would be perfect for the small amount of dry ingredients that go into the pancakes (and the cornbread, too!).

So I got it out from the back of the cupboard and tried it out. Result? Too small, and too messy. I went back to sifting with the strainer – much easier.

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12 Responses to Sifting Methods

  1. gypsy97 says:

    I have a sifter in the back of a cupboard but haven’t used it for years. For pancakes I use Krusteaz mix – I never have to measure anything and just eyeball the amount according to how many pancakes I think I’ll eat. I don’t suppose sifting the mix would be worthwhile.


    • judilyn says:

      I would imagine that they amalgamate their ingredients pretty thoroughly before packaging. I have used the Krusteaz mixes, and they really are the best of the lot, but “from scratch” is so ridiculously easy, I gave up the mix years ago. It is possible that a sifting might lighten your pancakes up a bit, though, since the boxes of mix are likely to be subjected to a lot of “settling” during its lifetime before it gets to your pantry.

      Once I started using my own ingredients, I thought that the Krusteaz mix produced a drier pancake/waffle, and had a peculiar aftertaste that I didn’t really care for. I’ve thought of making a big batch of my own “mix” and then just using it ad hoc, but . . . well, see above. It is just so easy to sift things together at the time.

      If you are happy with your end results, then there is no need to change anything.

      I’m using the strainer/sifter right now to make another batch of cornbread to go with the roast chicken and green beans for dinner. ;->


      • gypsy97 says:

        I remember how good my pancakes were when I made them from scratch. I think I would do it again if I had someone else at my table to help me eat them. Even though it’s so easy and quick, I enjoy just shaking out what looks like I’ll be eating and adding water. I’m almost out of the mix so I might try the scratch method again. And I’ll get my sifter out!


        • judilyn says:

          Yaaay! Another convert to “less chemicals”! I don’t know what is on the label, but there are probably some preservatives, etc. that you won’t need if you use your own ingredients. Go ahead and make about a dozen. They keep well, and make great snacks with whipped cream cheese and English Marmalade, or any kind of jam, or – believe it or not – peanut butter. It makes a healthy snack that makes you feel like you have actually eaten something, instead of a load of sugar as is in so many things that are easy to grab out of a bag to eat when you are hungry.


  2. Bev Parks says:

    I am sure you already knew this, but your comment about banging the wire strainer against the bowls prompts me to say it anyway. When I use a strainer to sift, I always hit it against the palm of my hand (over the bowl, of course). In addition to being quieter, the firm cushioning of your palm can allow for firmer contact with more control. Not that those subtleties would make any difference in the long run, I suppose!


    • judilyn says:

      Ha! Yes, I do that, too, if someone is taking his nap at the time! But I find that the bowl complains less about the mild trauma than my hand does. Maybe I am too forceful??? I make a fair amount of noise in the kitchen – it’s part of the fun!!! ;->


  3. Laurie Brown says:

    So did you toss the too small, too messy one??


    • judilyn says:

      No, I couldn’t bring myself to do that. I might find another use for it, and until I absolutely need to downsize, I can’t resist keeping everything “kitchen” related! I actually have one of the normal-sized sifters, but it has a painting on the outside, and I don’t want to mess it up. Hmmmm – good subjects for another blog post! Thanks for the inspiration, Laurie! ;->


  4. Sherry says:

    Had several old sifters in my Hoosier cupboard at the farm but used a strainer for the same reasons. Not sure I’ve used a mix since Bisquick in my college days. My current favorite is spelt flour and oats. Not so light but oh so good with choc chips or blueberries or pecans. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


  5. LFFL says:

    I need a sifter. Never had one.


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