Stir Fry Soup

stir fry

This looks more noodle-y than it really is because I just tossed the noodles on top. I refrigerate the soup separately from any kind of grain or pasta because it soaks up all the broth, making the grain/pasta too soft and removing most of the broth from the soup.

I put a quart of homemade chicken bone broth together with the leftover stir fry veggies from the night before, added in all the meat I picked off the bones when making the broth, cut up some colorful veggies (tomatoes, red pepper, and avocado), and toasted up some fancy-shaped bits of the focaccia.

Very delicious and healthful. ;->


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8 Responses to Stir Fry Soup

  1. Madonna B. says:

    Wow very appetizing. I love the raw veggies that would be a good choice to break down the noodles.:-)


  2. Sharon says:

    And beautiful! Another idea that would make a great camping meal. I am taking notes! 🙂


  3. LFFL says:

    It’s getting to be that time of year for soups, too!


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