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You may get the idea that we eat a lot of hamburgers . . . and you would be right. Not unlike those who frequent drive-through establishments, we favor hamburgers at lunch time. We eat them probably once or twice a week. The difference in nutrition, though, is that our “secret sauce” does not contain mayonnaise, but rather just a squirt or two of catsup and/or mustard, and a big plate of fresh vegetables.

I use organic hamburger meat, and make them very small – six to a pound. This is plenty for our appetites. The homemade rolls are loaded with whole grains and seeds, so they are fairly nutritious in their own right.

What’s in that little pitcher? That’s the treasured au jus. There is basically no fat that collects in the bottom of the frying pan, but there is a good amount of fond. After I take out the burgers, I put in about a quarter cup of distilled water – or broth, if available – and let it absorb the fond. I pour this over the burgers and let it seep in to keep them moist and flavorful. This makes a really big difference in the enjoyment of the burgers.

We like a variety of vegetables to go with our burgers, so I try to provide a nice variety. Here we have a mélange of roasted red peppers, onions, and mushrooms, a pile of chopped Mexican scallions, an avocado half, and a big pile of cucumbers. The avocado center looks as though it is spoiled, but actually that is just where the seed had been, and that area had kind of a nutty taste – not at all unpleasant. I tasted it on the other half of the avocado, and it was fine, so I went ahead and served it up!

What’s missing? The usual thick slab of tomato! The on-the-vine tomatoes were $2.49 a pound this week! The week before, they were $.59. Hmmmmm !!!

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6 Responses to Burger Queen

  1. gypsy97 says:

    I prefer my hamburgers about 6 to the pound also, except they are too small for the kaiser roll I prefer to put them on. I should just experiment with other kinds of bread I suppose.


  2. bjdewell says:

    I like the idea of the sauce in the pitcher. I love French Dips – you could toast the buns so that the outside was crunchy and dip the burger into a cup of that sauce. I’ll bet that would be good, too. It all looks wonderful – as usual. Every time I read your posts, I keep thinking: I wonder if they would adopt me. 🙂


    • judilyn says:

      We would adopt you ONLY if you come with a dog! ;-> We are short of dogs around here! The sauce is pretty rich, so pouring it on the meat is a good way to spread it around. I have soaked the bread with it, too, but that makes for messy eating. Sometimes there is enough to moisten the burger, and then put some on the bun – not enough to make a French Dip, but enough to soften the bread. I keep a little bottle (5 ounces) next to the stove and spray distilled water on a lot of things as I am cooking. This makes a huge difference in how well things cook, and helps to keep foods from drying out. I spray mushrooms so they will cook through, and then brown, yet retaining a good bit of moisture. Of course you can just put water in any pan, but spraying the food keeps things from getting soggy, and the water distributes itself evenly with the spray nozzle.


  3. taphian says:

    Judie, this looks fantastic, as usual and looks and sounds very healthy. Good to know that there are healthy burgers, too. Virtual hugs, Mitza


    • judilyn says:

      We believe that lean beef is no more of a “danger” than poultry, so we eat modest amounts of all meats along with huge portions of fruits and vegetables at every meal.


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