Using a Potato Masher to Make Yogurt

potato masher

I’ve been making my own yogurt since the mid-sixties, using many different methods to mix and/or incubate it. All have worked. But this is a new use for an old tool that I have found excellent for mixing the yogurt starter into the warm milk. It does a superior job on potatoes for a very homestyle dish, but its use in mixing yogurt is superb as well. Why didn’t I think of that sooner?


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2 Responses to Using a Potato Masher to Make Yogurt

  1. Liz says:

    I used to make my own yoghurt too but these days I’m rather lazy. Where do you get the yoghurt starter? Home made yoghurt is thick and creamy…and one can control the acid.


    • judilyn says:

      I have been making yogurt for almost fifty years! But I do need new starter once in a while! I just use Mountain High, or any of the ones that don’t have any additives. I need to start a fresh one about three times a year is all. We eat it like crazy, so it doesn’t lose its potency for the new batch very quickly. It is so much better than commercial yogurt, and the prices at the grocery store for yogurt are astounding. I see the areas allotted for yogurt are expanding and expanding at the expense of “real” food. I am appalled that anyone will pay a dollar for five ounces of yogurt when the cost to make it yourself is barely more than the cost of the milk. I use organic milk, and the finished product is just gorgeous, as well as deliciously tasty.


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