Hummus Additions



Thanks to the generous comments of readers, I have altered a bit of the hummus to a different taste to see how I liked it. The above two items (Blenheim Apricot White Balsamic Vinegar and Trader Joe’s Organic Crunchy Almond Butter) were added to just a bit of yesterday’s attempt. I am thrilled to report that this was just exactly what was needed to bring a fantastic sparkle to the dip! The light balsamic ambience did not drag down the flavor, but brightened it instead – just right!!

I am very pleased. ;->

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7 Responses to Hummus Additions

  1. Yummy…thank you for sparking my appetite!


  2. gypsy97 says:

    I’m not a lover of hummus, but I’m glad you found a good combination of ingredients.


  3. Liz says:

    I love hummus and next time I make some I shall borrow a leaf from you. Thanks for the inspiring additions!


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