Sticks and Twigs

sticks and

Father: “Where’s Mom?”
Son: “Out in the yard raking up sticks and twigs for breakfast.”

Not entirely true, but there is a lot of nutrition in this bowl, and we have this every morning, except Sunday – when it is poached eggs special breakfast day.

What’s in the cereal bowl? Five grain flaked cooked cereal that includes dried cranberries and tiny date crumbles. Then I slather on home made yogurt, orange juice, chia seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, flaxseed meal, pecans, flaked coconut, and whatever fruits are available. Sometimes in an incredible act of daring, I sprinkle on some pumpkin pie spice!

You can’t really see the fruits after I mix them in, but a typical bowl of fruit available looks like this:

fruit on


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7 Responses to Sticks and Twigs

  1. Clanmother says:

    While I haven’t been commenting much lately, I wanted you to know that I was enjoying your posts. You continue to inspire me with your dedication to creating remarkable content. Thank you so much…


    • judilyn says:

      I feel like a piker compared to the intricate posts with recipes and how-to instructions. But I hope to encourage folks to eat high quality foods at every opportunity. It really is simple to eat things as close to nature as possible, and stay away from fast food joints!

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  2. Bursting with health, taste and colors. 🙂


  3. Sharon says:

    It looks so good, Judie! I wish I could convince Ron to eat like that. OR I wish I had the resolve to do it myself in spite of what he eats!


    • judilyn says:

      Just do it! When I got Gary (about thirty years ago!), his diet was pretty good, but I had been eating this way all my life. I fixed myself good food, took my good food lunches to work with me, was never sick, had good energy, etc.. Meanwhile, I fixed him whatever he wanted if my food wasn’t what he wanted at the moment. It wasn’t long before he converted. No pressure from me; just setting a good example. He says it takes about six months to get the grease and sugar out of one’s system. Now he is the worst kind of pesky evangelist. He wants everyone to convert, but this just isn’t something you can force on anyone. Just take your own time with changing over as many things as you feel comfortable with. Do it for yourself. You will be surprised at how much better you feel when your body has appropriate nourishment. You will actually feel just that . . . “nourished”!!!

      Always have good food around so that you don’t feel compelled to go get something from a fast food place because you don’t have anything nutritious on hand. You need to be your own advocate. Start slowly. Just try to break one bad food habit at a time. Trying to do everything at once is a recipe for failure. Keep apples around, and eat them when you are hungry. It is a good start. Try to look at the cost of good food, and then equate that amount to what you would get if you spent the same amount at (for instance) Burger King. Don’t forget to add in the taxes and the cost of fuel to make a special trip to go there, if that is the case. You will be astounded at how much cheaper it is to eat good food. ;->

      Sorry . . . I get carried away! Lemmeno if I can help you in any way! ;->


      • Sharon says:

        I needed that pep-talk! I have been wanting to commit to a change, but keep drifting along. (Especially tonight when my sister brought over a Dutch apple pie.)

        I remember when I didn’t eat sugar or use sweeteners, I couldn’t believe how bursting with sweetness melons and fruits were. I miss that!

        Thanks, Judie!


        • judilyn says:

          Do it for yourself and bask in the results. We find almost all commercial things are just “too sweet” to be pleasant. Your need for the burst of sweetness will slowly fade, and the super sweet, gooey things that look so enticing now will not be very appealing. We still have treats once in a while, but it takes us DAYS to get through a simple dessert that somehow ended up at our house. After dinner each night, we eat a couple of tablespoons of ice cream or gelato, and little shards of chocolate that I make so we don’t go without. We just eat tiny amounts, as that proves to be sufficient as a “meal ender”.

          Another great “treat” is tart cherry juice. I buy it in pint-sized jars. It is mixed one ounce of juice to a cup of water to make a very satisfying drink. The tart cherry juice is supposed to have really good nutrients for cutting back inflammation. If you have a good internet connection there, do a Google search on benefits of tart cherry juice to see what I am talking about. Gary loves it and looks forward with anticipation to his glassful after lunch and after dinner. I pour about a teaspoonful over my dab of ice cream at dinnertime. It is a real treat because the flavor is so zingy!! There are so many wonderful treats out there that have fabulous health benefits as well.


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