A Study in Yellow

A study in yellow.blog

When I poached eggs in simmering water, they usually came out perfectly. Since I have been using one of those li’l four-place poacher gadgets, I seem to get them hard every time. Not the end of the world, but an annoyance. My resident physicist says it is because the metal of the poacher gadget holds the heat better than just plain water, and they continue to cook at a faster rate while they wait for the rest of the breakfast to be done. Each Sunday, I think I have it down perfectly . . . but . . . well, I’ll try again next Sunday.

Meanwhile, let it be known that Havarti cheese is just spectacular on a chunk of honey ham! We were glad to welcome back the pineapple. It really does give something of a lift to the ham and cheese.

Even though the little red dots look the same on the polenta and the eggs, it is Tony Chacherés Cajun seasoning on the polenta, and berbere on the eggs.

To round out the yellow theme, I put softened creamed cheese and Seville orange marmalade on my pancake.


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7 Responses to A Study in Yellow

  1. gypsy97 says:

    Living alone I have developed bad habits and do things so differently. I usually pour organic maple syrup on a pancake, and stand at the stove and eat it while waiting for the next one to be done, and so on until I’ve used all the batter. Yours look like a work of art.


    • judilyn says:

      I can see where that would be a terrible temptation, but a small recipe makes about 15 or so pancakes this size, so we each have about four, leaving a bunch for midnight snacks – one at a time. The recipe has only 3/4 cup of flour and a cup of buttermilk, so there really isn’t a lot of batter. My pan cooks six at a time, so there are enough for both of us right off the bat. You could make an even smaller amount of them, and get out a nice plate, a teacup and saucer, and a nice juice glass to serve yourself a first-class breakfast once a week.

      Think about what you enjoy when eating in a restaurant and then try to emulate that at home, enjoying some good music and maybe some relaxation time with the newspaper, a magazine, maps, or a book when you are finished eating. Dishes will be minimal, and can be just put under water until you feel like doing them after the next meal.

      How long would it take you to drive to a breakfast restaurant for inferior food, eat, and then drive home? You could make yourself a first-class meal in probably less time, and enjoy it more. Wish I was closer . . . I’d be thrilled to do this for you! ;-> It is so enjoyable!!!

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  2. Looks lovey! I guess your next theme will be green eggs and ham? 😀


  3. Kit says:

    I like the yellow theme. . .just like bringing in the morning sunshine to your plate!

    Ask that res phys Dude if he knew a John DeYulia back in the day. . .


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