Rice is Nice

Stir fry clearcam.blog

This is a favorite dish – pork cutlet with stir fry vegetables. We still have a lot of red peppers, so they are starring in many meals now.

I have been making my rice in my new thermal cooker, and it is coming out just so perfect! I think it is the shallow depth that keeps the individual grains from getting too cozy with one another.

I’ll talk more about the rice when I have a better picture to go with it.

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22 Responses to Rice is Nice

  1. bjdewell says:

    I like rice, and usually substitute it for pasta when I can. I should do some stir-fry meals – that’s something I never think about. Thanks! )


  2. taphian says:

    That looks so wonderful Judie. I often do things like this, too. I call it “Chinese food”, which is very healthy, not much fat with the rice. All I can do is licking the screen, hehe. Virtual hugs, Mitza


  3. Kit says:

    Dr J. . .if you end up making rice pudding, please send a batch my way!


    • judilyn says:

      Rice pudding hath its charms, but is way too bland for me . . . unless drenched in tart cherry juice concentrate! And maybe pecans and/or coconut flakes! I messed up some rice once and thought to make it into rice pudding, but . . . well, that never happened!


  4. Sherry says:

    Your meals are just so beautiful. I think I’ll call you the queen of presentation. I have to be careful I have eaten when I see your posts or I’ll want to lick the screen.


  5. gypsy97 says:

    Your presentation of food is excellent as well as artistidc. I am sort of ambivalent about white rice (and I don’t care much for brown rice). Mainly I wonder if it’s all that nutritious. I will always prefer potatoes to pasta or rice, but need a change now and then.


    • judilyn says:

      My definite favorite is any kind of pasta, but really have grown over the last few decades to like and appreciate the different whole grains as well as just plain white rice. My family is “Midwest”, so that’s the kind of food I grew up with. I started branching out when I got married in 1962, and have never stopped trying new things. Some have been keepers . . . some have not. Buckwheat, for instance, never made the cut! ;->


  6. Love the addition of almonds to the dish. It all looks so very tasty and healthy! 🙂


  7. Jan says:

    Which Thermal Cooker did you end up getting? Kind of sounds like the one on Amazon with the different sized inserts. I use mine lots also.


    • judilyn says:

      I got the Saratoga Jack’s model with the accessory kit that is a long-legged trivet and two six-cup sized containers. I use it mostly to incubate my yogurt. I’ve been making yogurt since the 60’s, using many different methods of incubation, and this is the most reliable method so far. I make rice in there routinely now, too, and it is splendid. Also have made polenta, and of course our five-grain cooked cereal every morning. Haven’t asked it to make anything yet that is like a stew or beans. Just these more lightweight things that benefit from a warm, closed environment.

      I like the outcome of rice much, much better than the rice cooker, and I was pretty pleased with the rice cooker method, so that will give you some idea.


      • Jan says:

        Mine only has the big liner and for 1 it is pretty big to make much, but have used for ham/cabbage/potatoes, baked beans and a couple homemade soups. It must have had something burnt in before me as there is always some of what I make stuck on, any ideas on how to get that to stop? Thanks in advance if you do.


        • judilyn says:

          Not really, but I would start with baking soda or Barkeeper’s Friend, or even Bon Ami, and a plastic scrubby of some kind. If it is a good grade of stainless steel, you might try a Brillo pad.

          I sautéed my rice in there the other night and used chicken and sausage fat to do this. It left dark stains on the bottom of the pan, but I used a stainless steel scrubby and some baking soda to get them out.

          What have you already tried?


  8. Jan says:

    All of what you suggested, and still sticks, is frustrating though.


    • judilyn says:

      You could try cooking things on no higher than Medium heat on the stove before you put it into the pot. Or you could do your prep cooking in another pan and then transfer everything to the pan that goes into the thermal cooker. Not having any heat applied to the thermal cooker pan should keep anything from getting hot enough to stick.


  9. Jan says:

    Thanks will try doing just afraid of getting a good burn when transfering, but that may be the trick.


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