Anasazi Chili


This was the follow-on to the Anasazi Enchilada. There was plenty of filling and beans left over, so a new dish was born. I added seasonings appropriate for chili and some broth. Broth? Yes, well, you want the chili to be more fluid than enchilada filling, but just plain broth would be too watery.

The solution? Cornmeal. Yes, cornmeal – it makes a very nice complementary flavor to the chili. Think corn tortilla chips. You don’t really taste it; it’s just an ambience.

I just bring the pot of chili to a very gentle boil and sprinkle in some cornmeal and let it absorb. Not too much – go easy – you can always add more as you go along. The cornmeal absorbs the broth, making a very wonderful “gravy” to go over the rice. This gravy can be as thin or thick as you like, according to your own preferences.

You can garnish the chili with the same sorts of things that were on the enchilada, but I was lazy that day and served it just as you see it.

That’s smoked paprika on the rice.

A surprise visitor has his portrait at ANIMALS SPOTTED.


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5 Responses to Anasazi Chili

  1. rvjohn says:

    Looks tasty ☺

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    • judilyn says:

      I remember it well. Made another batch today using a pre-cooked hamburger as mentioned in the last blog post. Still had a few of the Anasazi beans left, too. Ended up with about six cups of chili for today’s lunch and those in the future.

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  2. taphian says:

    your photo is very appealing

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  3. Sherry says:

    Your food always look so beautiful and so do the dishes you serve it in. You definitely have an artistic eye.


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