Grape Tomato Stir Fry

stir fry grape

We’ve always admired these little grape tomatoes. Many decades ago, a friend brought some that she had grown to a pot luck lunch, and we were in love. They were fresh off the bush and room temperature – delightful.

Since that time, I have admired them in the grocery store, but since the prices indicated that they must have a gold vein running through them, I have not purchased any. Recently they were on sale and I grabbed a box of them. Unfortunately what we found out was that these paled in comparison to our memories, and refrigeration made them unpleasant to bite into. Thus after their first appearance in a salad, they languished in the refrigerator.

BUT – since we didn’t care for them cold, the obvious solution was to serve them at a different temperature, and what better place than sliced in half and plopped on top of pizza. Since I bake the pizza in a 500-degree oven, I figured that if I put them cut side up, they would semi dehydrate and not make the pizza soggy. And I was right!

Next up was to include them in the stir fry that you see above. In this venue, they really stood out as a treat. I may even spring for them again! ;->


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22 Responses to Grape Tomato Stir Fry

  1. Boeta says:

    They grow easily in the garden, I have some now that come up by themselves every year from old fruit that was left in the soil, and you can harvest buckets full for summer.


  2. gypsy97 says:

    I have noticed that when you can find them home grown or from an organic farmer at a market, they are entirely different than those in the supermarket Since even before my gallbladder operation I have had difficulty with tomatos, and about the only ones I eat now are heirloom tomatos. Wonder if there issuch a thing as grape heirloom tomatos? Your stir fry looks so good, and maybe that is the secret to using the tomatos – cook them with something else.


  3. Whenever I find them on sale, I buy as much as I can and smei-dry them in the oven. They dry quicker than regular tomatoes and add so much to many dishes. You can see how under the TIPS page in my blog. πŸ™‚


  4. bjdewell says:

    There’s nothing like a fresh tomato off the vine, but I like these little tomatoes, too. I pop them into salads, or dip them into blue cheese dressing for a snack. Your stir-fry looks delicious! πŸ™‚


  5. Kit says:

    “semi hydrate”. . .and a new term is born. . .youza!


  6. Sharon says:

    I have thrown whole grape tomatoes in other things before, but never thought of using them in a stir fry. Yours look wonderful. πŸ™‚


    • judilyn says:

      They were REALLY good on the pizza! A nice burst of TOMATO!


      • Sharon says:

        A little tomato can make such a difference. I love the traditional southern grits, eggs and bacon (or sausage) breakfast. Ron introduced me to including a couple of slices of tomato on the side with it. It brightens up the meal and takes away the heaviness of the bacon and eggs.


        • judilyn says:

          I keep Romas around all the time because we like tomatoes with just about everything and they keep pretty well in the refrigerator. During “tomato” season, though, I get the big ones – the ones the size of a huge hamburger! A little Vegesal and balsamic vinegar . . . mmmmmmmm – good!

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  7. taphian says:

    We can buy them here, too, and they are really sweet and delicious, wonderful photo you made, virtual hugs, Mitza, have a wonderful week-end


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