Night Depository – Fairbank, Arizona

post office and

We took advantage of the fabulous sunshine and the company of our good friends from New Jersey, and spent several hours at a local ghost town, taking in the buildings and the cemetery that was a bit of a hike up the trail.

Slowly but surely the buildings are being stabilized. There is a school room to visit that has been restored, but seems that it is open for entry only on weekends, and we were there on a Thursday.

The “bank” building had a hole in the wall which I presume was for the drive-thru lane! ;->


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13 Responses to Night Depository – Fairbank, Arizona

  1. bjdewell says:

    I love old buildings – old doors, old windows, etc. This is a great photo. I’m wanting to start sketching/painting and this photo would be a great one to try to reproduce. All the different colors and shapes, it’s really nice. (I don’t know what’s holding me back, I think I’m getting my brain ready to draw so it will send the signals to my hand. Pictures like this one send lots of signals!:)


    • judilyn says:

      What a delightful comment! Many thanks. Of course feel free to use the photo as an inspiration. I wish I had some talent in the more artistic venues, but alas, about the best I can do is push the shutter button! By all means, get started – that’s the hard part. After that, everything will flow like an artesian well!


  2. says:

    Did you guys hike UP to the cemetery ?? I barely made it up there Feb. of last year but may try again in a couple of weeks. Beautiful weather isn’t it?? Enjoy your company. Hope to see you one of these day!!! SURE!! Is that what I am hearing in my ear??


    • judilyn says:

      Hi Shirley – I took my walking poles to go up to the cemetery, and it made a HUGE difference, especially coming back down. Those rocks were like ball bearings, and I would have been tossed onto the ground several times if not for the sticks. You might try them. I was skeptical at first, but really love them now.

      Our friends are parked by the buckboard, and we saw you drive by the other day when we were all out front chatting. It is always nice to see so many friendly faces around! ;->


  3. Kit says:

    That hole in the wall? Ahem, well. . .you see. . .this is the origin of how the Hole In The Wall Gang was named. As the story goes, Butch & Sundance met up in the Fairbanks saloon back in, I think was 1868 where the barkeep overheard them planning to rob what they thought was the local bank, the very building you took a picture of (BTW, nice pic!).

    They did, in fact, pull off their caper. Now here is where the story gets a little fuzzy. . .seems that post Civil War media had begun to shift their focus to the West where various things were becoming the basis of attention. Anyway, it is the consensus of historians that either an imaginative reporter came up with associating that hole in the bank building wall with the gang and thus the moniker, thinking it made a much more colorful to name, or a simple mix up of the facts. In either case, that name went down in history. After all, it has more appeal than what the town sheriff dubbed them: “The Fairbanks Flops” because what they thought was a bank turned out to be just a post office.

    Butch & Sundance were so embarrassed that they bugged out to Bolivia. . .


  4. gypsy97 says:

    It’s funny what the eye can see at first glance – I read the title as Fairbanks, Alaska and wondered what the heck you were doing there! I like the looks of the old bank.


    • judilyn says:

      Yes, I know what you mean! It is tough to always say it in the singular – Fairbank. One of our long-time Arizona resident friends was telling me about going there in the 50’s with a “monster” mobile home – an 8 x 40 unit! There are no homes there now, of course, but this friend (and his dad) delivered the first ten-foot wide mobile home in the area. Traffic had to be stopped to let them pass. Fun stuff! ;->


  5. Dale Ellis says:

    Nice to see you are getting out and about again. I’m still dieting, so I prefer this photography over the dinner plate variety. 🙂


  6. taphian says:

    wow, that sounds interesting and wonderful to see


  7. judilyn says:

    Fairbank is an interesting place. There were actually houses there until the mid-fifties. One of our friends is a great historian about local things, and he had a personal connection there. Yesterday he was telling me all about those days.


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