First it was the woodpeckers, screeching and flying about. Then the Chihuahuan ravens took over, squawking and flapping. We figured there was a snake about somewhere because that’s what we hear from the birds when they are worried about a slithery creature hanging around. Then the cactus wrens took up the call, and they are persistent and obnoxious, so we went out to see what we could see.

The above photo is what we saw. This great horned owl was sitting in the eucalyptus tree without a care in the world, while the LBJ’s (little brown jobs) flew everywhere around him, chattering away trying to dislodge him.

The nuisance of the lady with the camera was something he could live with, so he just blinked at me and stayed put.

There was a bit of light rain, so he moved to a more sheltered spot in the tree, but apparently found a new venue when the rain got a bit harder. I wonder where he ended up spending the day.


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13 Responses to Cam-Owl-Flage

  1. Dale Ellis says:

    Like the owl. I was ready to make a snide comment, but…. 🙂

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  2. gypsy97 says:

    Poor old owl! He’s trying to rest up for his hunting trip tonight. I guess the little birds aren’t afraid of him and just want him out? Great photo.

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  3. Judy Bell says:

    Cool beans!

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  4. Kit says:

    What a hoot. . .one big eyed creature looking at another. . .

    P.S. Great pic!


  5. Sharon says:

    You have the most interesting visitors!

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  6. taphian says:

    that’s a wonderful photo of a beautiful bird


    • judilyn says:

      He really was hard to isolate because he was in a position where leaves covered his presence quite well. I took about twenty pictures of him, and that was the best one. He remained very still. His feathers really blended in with the leaves, even though the leaves are fairly brightly colored.

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