Behold The Whole Rose Tree – 2015 Edition

Rose tree on April 11th, 2015

For everyone who has kindly looked at “Behold The Whole Rose Tree” all year long, here is her majesty with her 2015 raiment. She bloomed her little heart out this year, producing an abundance of beautiful blooms. The fragrance walking by was nearly overwhelming.


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14 Responses to Behold The Whole Rose Tree – 2015 Edition

  1. taphian says:

    How lovely, Judie. You surely have the right climate and ground for roses. They love heat. Did you ever try to make rose-jelly?
    We have wonderful weather here, only sunny and quite warm. Hope you are fine, virtual hugs, Mitza

    • judilyn says:

      Thank you, Mitza. This tree has been just a wonder for us to enjoy. It really isn’t anything special – there are many beautiful bushes and trees of roses around our complex – but this one is special to us because it is right here at hand. Believe it or not, last year’s “Behold the Whole Rose Tree” post was one of the most-visited entries in my blog. I don’t know what made it so popular, but I thought I would bring it up to date. Glad to hear you are enjoying some better weather. We have our March winds in April this year, but everything is turning green, green, green outside my window.

      • taphian says:

        We usually don’t have such wonderful weather in April. It usually rains a lot. But now it’s by far much too dry and I have to water a lot. I’m really waiting for some rain. Guess we have your weather now and you have ours.

      • judilyn says:

        We had a small sprinkle a while ago when I posted the rose with the raindrops, but nothing since. We usually get about 90% of our rain during the monsoon season, which is July, August, and the beginning of September. It is windy, but still warm and pleasant.

      • taphian says:

        I thought July, August and September would be very hot without any rain. In Greece it doesn’t rain at all from April to September. But when it starts you think the world is drowning! These thunderstorms are really frightening. Evrything is overflooded. Last year our whole flat was wet up to the lamp, our beds etc.

      • judilyn says:

        Right where we are is called a “sky island” because we are at a high altitude compared to the desert floor. It is 4623 feet in elevation here, and that makes a big difference in the temperatures. It is colder in the winter, but our winters are mild, so that is of little consequence. Some of the folks who live in the canyons up in the mountains that you see in the picture of my backyard do have some flooding during rainy season, but the only time it was really bad was the year (June 2011) that there was The Monument Fire up there. Forty homes and a lot of trees and ground cover were lost to the fire. There was subsequent flooding when the monsoons came because of the loss of ground cover to modulate the water. But it has recovered fairly nicely since then.

      • taphian says:

        Hope that you will be spared from overflooding and fires in the future. Have a nice day, virtual hugs, Mitza

      • judilyn says:

        Thank you. It has been good since that year. No repeats.

  2. gypsy97 says:

    To me there is nothing like springtime when nature wakes up.

    • judilyn says:

      It’s a toss up for me – when the trees and bushes start to color, that’s really spectacular, too. We get to enjoy nature’s best twice a year! ;-> Win – win!

  3. Sharon says:

    So beautiful! The only thing that is more majestic than a rose is a rose tree that blooms in profusion and has that heavenly fragrance.

    A camellia tree in bloom in winter is a very close second. 🙂

    • judilyn says:

      Our magnolia tree is on strike ever since it got down to zero to nights in a row three years ago. The roses just don’t seem to care what the weather is like – cold? hot? All the same to them!

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