Now That’s A Red Flower !

red metal

This lovely flower has a yellow sibling, which you will see tomorrow.


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7 Responses to Now That’s A Red Flower !

  1. Craig says:

    So striking it doesn’t look real!


  2. Kit says:

    Hmm. . .so what we have here is a “metal petal”. . .

    Just saying. . .

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  3. bjdewell says:

    Funny – when I saw this photo on FB I thought it was real too, but I didn’t click on the post link yesterday. Now seeing it here, at first I thought it was a painting. Weird, huh? I was thinking, though, wouldn’t it be cool to have a metal flower like this that would change colors as the temperature rose? A metal thermometer plant? I’d buy one. I think Gary should start working on this for a project. LOL 🙂


    • judilyn says:

      Your suggestion gave Gary quite the chuckle! I am having more difficulty making the flower’s yellow sibling look interesting. I’m still working on it.


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