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Does This Pollen Make My Butt Look Big?

Because of all of the collapsing colonies of bees, the ones that are left must work harder and harder. It is cactus flower season here now – just finishing up – so our friends have been very busy lately. Advertisements

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Burrito or Taco?

Here’s what needed to be cleaned up. Those are not burned spots; they swished off in a wink with a sponge and dish soap. Here’s the finished product: Homemade chili inside a crisped-up tortilla. On top: salsa, cilantro, extra sharp … Continue reading

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Wagons, Ho

Repairs may be needed before this wagon goes much further.

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An Apple, With A Cherry Smoothie

After our usual giant Sunday breakfast, I wasn’t hungry yet for lunch when DH was, so I gave him the rest of the lentil soup, and an hour or so later I had a typical “GIRL FOOD” snack. I took … Continue reading

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Little Lentils

i keep reading about how nutritious lentils are, so I made up a big batch of lentil and split pea soup for lunch yesterday.   Using my famous “Nissan Soak” method, the process was little more difficult than opening a … Continue reading

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Italian Flag Colors, With Eggplant

Another posting experiment from my iPhone. Dinner two nights ago was Eggplant Parmesan. Between then and now we acquired quite a few red peppers, a pound of mushrooms, and some spinach. I sautéed the fresh veggies, then pushed them aside … Continue reading

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The Dental Room

We went for cleanings at The Dental Room today. This clever sign caught my eye. As I paid the bill, I noticed that prices had risen.

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