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This is our harvest from the last two days. There was actually one more – total of EIGHT – of these beauties. The tree is huge, but had never graced us with any fruit – until now. The previous owner told us that it is a cross between a plum tree and an apricot tree. We had one each of these trees (plus a peach tree) at our other house here, but this cross brings out the best of both varieties of fruit. The taste is quite brilliant.

We are trying to stay ahead of the birds and squirrel, but the squirrel got one of the prize ones yesterday while we were off on our walk. We did a quick harvest when we got home, but the tree is so tall, it is impossible to get the ones out of our reach.

My son has cherry picker-type of equipment that he uses on his gigantic avocado tree, but at 2200 miles distance, it isn’t practical for him to drop over!


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29 Responses to From The Orchard

  1. gypsy97 says:

    It’s a shame the squirrels won’t leave the lower ones for you, and just take some of the higher ones. Those darn rodents have no sense of fairness!


    • judilyn says:

      Just now when I was pulling into the driveway, the squirrel was under the tree checking out the possibilities. He scampered off right smartly when he heard the car engine !! He didn’t know that I had outsmarted him by harvesting two more apricots from the ground this morning. They are certainly tasty, and I noticed that apricots are $4.99 a pound in the grocery store today! ARGH!


  2. dreamjosie says:

    That’s the problem with being short I’m afraid. If we were there, we’d help. 🙂 They might have the “cherry picker” implement at a hardware store, or Home Depot or Lowe’s if you have one. That fruit sounds delish.

    Jo Wishnie 414-704-2000 Off the road and settled in Tucson with my DH Fred and Boo Boo the Diva Dog Blog at:

    *Look back with gratitude and joy and forward with hope and determination. ~Lydia Decker*


  3. Craig says:

    You can get a long-handled tool for fruit picking at Lowes or Home Depot such as the “True Temper 10 ft. Aluminum Handle Fruit Picker.” Costs about $40, but I got a wooden handled one for less than half that at an RV show several years ago. With a little ingenuity you could probably make one.


  4. bjdewell says:

    I have an “E-Z Reacher” or “grabber” type tool – you know, it’s used to grab things on the floor for handicapped people or up in cupboards for short people. I used to work for Arcoa Industries, the people who originated them and I was given a free one. I mostly use mine to grab dead mice and hurl them into the brush. Not an extra 10 feet, but probably four, and they sell them everywhere, not very expensive. $19.95 through One would give you a few more branches of fruit to pick. Lucky you – I love apricots! 🙂

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  5. LFFL says:

    How do you know a squirrel got hold of it? Did you bust him down yonder with it in his hands?


    • judilyn says:

      The theory is that the birds somehow get the fruit to fall off the tree, either by pecking at them or by just jiggling the branches as they flit about in the tree. If/When I can reach a ripe-ish fruit, I just put my fingers lightly around it and jiggle. If it falls off into my hand, it is ripe and ready.

      I don’t know if the squirrel is directly responsible for the removal of the fruit from the tree, but he was caught in the act of eating one on the ground yesterday as I pulled into the driveway. He made a mad scramble under the van that sits in the carport, down the concrete pad, under the backyard fence – to disappear to his abode under the workshop. We picture that he has quite the furnished apartment under that shed – soft sofa, snack table, a nest to curl up in, electronic entertainment, etc.. At times we see him at the end of the carport, all stretched out, contemplating nature. Other times he just sits up waiting for his server to bring him a beverage with an umbrella in it.

      He’s been with us for quite a few years, so I guess he knows how to get along on what we unknowingly provide for him.

      We had a rescue squirrel in a cage in our house many years ago. He lived to be eight and a half years old, and had quite the personality.


  6. taphian says:

    they look so delicious. They also make a good jam. I just made a jam out of our garden rhubarb and strawberries. I have to hide it because everybody is taking a spoon…


  7. Omg, these apricots look gorgeous!!!


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