The Apricot and The Lawrence Tree

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Upon arising this morning, I peeked out my window to see if there were any apricots on the ground. If there were, perhaps I could beat the squirrel to the harvest. Aha! YES! One there . . . but it was too nibbled. I left it for our faithful buddy to enjoy.

But while I was out there, I took a look up INTO the tree itself to see if I could see any fruits that might be ripe. Alas, no.

But while I was looking straight up into the inside of this huge and beautiful tree, I was reminded of a Georgia O’Keeffe painting, a lithograph of which hangs on one of our living room walls. It is called


and yes, that is for D. H. Lawrence.

If you care to read more about this tree, please click here .

The more you study this unusual painting, the more interesting it will become.

This is the tree that inspired my brain this morning. Perhaps not as thought provoking as The Lawrence Tree, but a delight nonetheless.

The Smithson


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7 Responses to The Apricot and The Lawrence Tree

  1. gypsy97 says:

    Sorry you didn’t get to the apricot first! Ya gotta move fast, and as they say, you snooze-you lose.


    • judilyn says:

      I suspect the nibbling took place in the tree. I could see two really tiny little budding fruits, but I suspect the crop will be very small from this tree. All of our trees took a tremendous hit during the winter of 2011/12, and are just coming back to full health this year. The magnolia tree is still “pining” for Alabama !!! ;->


  2. Kit says:

    Hmm. . .if we combine the metal petal & the magnolia. . .”Steel Magnolias” Walla!


  3. Andrea says:

    Very cool Judilyn! Thanks for this.

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