Yellow Cornbread and Chicken Lunch

chicken sand on cornbread

Back awhile ago, I blogged about putting marinating meat in a plastic bag and then in a bowl that keeps the fluid securely around the meat. We had a couple of the breasts left over from that meal, and I used one of them up to make sandwiches for a day trip. The other one was taken out of the freezer and made into our lunch on two different occasions this week.

DH wanted his chicken, red pepper, and grilled onion sandwich today on a burger bun from the batch I made yesterday, but I fancied mine on a big slab of cornbread. Reason? It’s yellow! And it tastes great! The cheese du jour is Provolone, which was the perfect accompaniment. Mexico, meet Italy.

Fingers crossed . . . we seem to be entering the “Good Avocado Zone”, too, which is always a super treat!


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3 Responses to Yellow Cornbread and Chicken Lunch

  1. taphian says:

    looks really wonderful, Judie

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