Coolth !!!

Enduracool on Judie's neck

We have discovered a fabulous item to help with this heat. We have been living in these for the last few days. And, yes, if it touches your clothing, some of the water is wicked into the cloth. But I think this is a benefit as it keeps that part of my body just a little cooler, too.

I seldom say anything about a specific product, but, oh, my . . . this one has changed our lives for the better. I had seen them over the years, but we were always skeptical that it would actually work. Well, it DOES!

It must be experienced to be believed. We were VERY skeptical, having seen them advertised previously, but on Wednesday, a friend was here working on our deck with one around his neck and I asked him about it. He couldn’t say enough good about it, so I asked him to pick us up a couple when he was at Lowe’s getting the paint for our deck. He did, and we have been living in them for the last two days.

Yesterday I put it on my bum knee, and it just about froze me out. Made a big difference in my pain level. DH walked over to the gym, pulling it up over the back of his head like the picture on the product package shows. When he got there, he called me to gush about how absolutely unbelievably cold it made his head during the walk.

We just got back from doing errands in town, and we both wore the scarves – it really made a difference. We continue to be amazed. I have no clue how they pull this off, but maybe one would help if you are suffering with the heat right about now.

I can’t imagine what they’ve done to effect this, but it sure works! I’m thinking of buying a whole bunch of them and making a running suit out of them for me! (Kidding!) Well, I guess I’ll just settle for keeping this one around my neck all day, re-wetting it about every four hours.

Caveat: We have very low humidity here, so this may not work as well in an area with high humidity because part of the process probably has to do with evaporation.


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13 Responses to Coolth !!!

  1. bjdewell says:

    Katie and I have two different kinds of neck wraps that we use in the extreme heat, different from your wrap. I keep them in the fridge during the warmer weather so they are ready any time, and I’ll tell you! When it gets to be 93 degrees or so, and those things come out of the fridge and tie around our necks, what a difference! They have saved us each hot spell. I don’t usually turn on my A/C till it’s around 95 in The Palms. I’m going to click over and check out the kind you guys have. 🙂


    • judilyn says:

      It’s super simple – no need for refrigeration. Just wet, snap, and put in on you somewhere. Mine’s on my knee at the moment. May need to get another one so I can pig out and have one around my neck and one on my knee!


  2. andybaird1 says:

    I recently bought a blue Arctic Cove cooling scarf at either Lowe’s or Home Depot that apparently uses the same type of fabric: wet, wring out, and snap. It works, but the moisture tends to drain away from the neck portion where it’s needed and down to the ends, where it just wets my shirt front. The EnduraCool “tube scarf” design looks more practical. I think I’ll order one. Thanks for the tip!


    • judilyn says:

      As you see, it wet my tee shirt a bit, too, but plenty of the moisture stays in the neckerchief. If I don’t let the scarf part touch an article of clothing, there is no transfer of moisture.


  3. gypsy97 says:

    I might try to find one when I get back to Sacramento.


    • judilyn says:

      Makes a big difference in comfort level. Gary thinks it cools the blood going through the carotids when returning to the brain, so your brain is fooled into thinking your whole body is cool! Seems reasonable to me! Whatever the reason, I’m lovin’ this thing!


  4. Jan says:

    I have both the neck wrap and the towel type. Use mine when bicycling and working at my job, I love both, in Spokane now when temps are much cooler but did bring with so when get back to Phoenix will have and can use upon arrival.


  5. Schnippelboy says:

    Und bei uns ist es soooooo kühl …

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  6. LFFL says:

    Interesting. Anything helps.

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