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Petit Déjeuner International

We had a mid-week treat this morning. Italian polenta, French mushrooms, Mexican scallions, Swiss cheese, American roasted red peppers and strawberries – and duck eggs.

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Little Dippers

   A little snack evolved from some of the soft cheese spreads and my homemade buttermilk.  These are jalapeño and bacon Cheddar.   We like a dip that is not quite so thick as a spread.  At this thickness, they … Continue reading

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Round Pizza

In the “duh” department . . . If one intends a round shape, it is easier to start with round, as opposed to square. When my dough comes out of the bread machine, it is quite easy to shape, but … Continue reading

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Reaching For The Sky

   This is the most amazing plant.  For months it stands like an enormous stalk of asparagus, and then these beautiful flowers burst forth.  When the flowers are finished, the whole plant dies. 

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Japanese Bird Bath

Since I never see any birds in this birdbath, I presume there is no water in it. Nevertheless, it is a lovely ornament on its own.

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Sentry Plant

  Not to be confused with a Century Plant, which is entirely different.  I love these blue urns, with their lovely plants and flowers, that are scattered all over the La Encantada Shopping Center in Tucson.  This lovely arrangement monitors the … Continue reading

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Hardtop Convertible

The ultimate oxymoron. Remember when that style of car was all the rage in the fifties and sixties? Why did this pop into my mind when I saw the photo I had just taken of the object of this blog … Continue reading

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