Little Dippers


A little snack evolved from some of the soft cheese spreads and my homemade buttermilk.  These are jalapeño and bacon Cheddar.   We like a dip that is not quite so thick as a spread.  At this thickness, they are good for a chip or veggie dip, a salad dressing, sauce for a meat or seafood, secret sauce for a burger, to put on a baked potato, use as a sandwich spread, or swirl into the top of a bowl of creamed soup. 

Can you think of other uses?

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12 Responses to Little Dippers

  1. saintil812 says:

    Yummy! also would you mind checking out my page and maybe even like and comment?


  2. Kim says:

    Hmmm … maybe a topping for roasted potatoes. You are GOOD.


    • judilyn says:

      We are not much on sweets, so “savory” is king around here. There are so many treats like this to be had. I love the buttermilk plain as it is like a light custard, and it mixes with other, more potent, ingredients to make something really tasty to put on otherwise good, but plain, foods. This also keeps the calorie count in check. I bought ten pounds of potatoes yesterday, and will be gang roasting a bunch of them in the Nesco cooker, or maybe the Crock-Pot. So there will be a good opportunity to whip up something with these ingredients tomorrow night.


  3. gypsy97 says:

    I love lightly steamed vegetables, whatever I have on hand, and sprinkle a good helping of shredded cheddar or jack cheese on them. I think either of the dips would be good on my potatos, broccoli, carrots, kale, etc.

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    • judilyn says:

      The cheese spread makes a good starting point for a variety of flavored. Tonight I put some Dijon mustard with some of the thick buttermilk to put on some roast pork. That was a very nice addition to the delicate pork morsels.


  4. taphian says:

    I would use it with fresh vegetables or fresh bread, on tomatoes or cucumbers. I changed my color. Is it better now? Hope you’re fine, virtual hugs, Mitza

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  5. Lucy says:

    Yum! That’s a very nice snack.


    • judilyn says:

      I made a mustard sauce last night – just Dijon mustard and the thickened buttermilk – for some roast pork. Really tasty! Could have used some dill, perhaps, for a bit of color and interest. I didn’t think of that until just now.

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  6. bjdewell says:

    I LOVE dips! I’ve had meals with meat (or fish or chicken), starch, veggie and salad, and everything had a sauce or dip of some kind. Perhaps a little overboard, but I AM getting better. I continue to do that, but use less than I used to. Don’t know why, but I just love that extra taste. And I can’t eat a potato chip without onion dip or raw veggies without blue cheese dip. It’s a wonder I don’t weigh more. LOL 🙂


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