Beef, Bacon, and Peruano Beans


A bit of a burger, a half slice of bacon on a fresh-yesterday sesame bun, and a bowl of Peruano beans and bulgur.  The bean soup has Texas sweet onions, marinated tomato bits, some fresh tomatoes, some Italian seasoning, and a smidge of poultry seasoning. 

The soup has a quart of extra thick, gelled chicken bone broth for extra nutrition, as well as an incredible flavor boost. 

Very satisfying!


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17 Responses to Beef, Bacon, and Peruano Beans

  1. Joan says:

    Judie, how do peruano beans compare to cannelini in texture and taste?

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    • judilyn says:

      I have and use both, but not sure I could tell the difference if asked to state. The color of each is a bit different before cooking, but they are pretty identical afterwards. I guess the only thing I could say is that Peruano beans seem more “mellow”.

      Just for you – I will open my five-pound bag of cannelini and try them next. Bean Boy will be thrilled to have more beans so soon. ;->


  2. taphian says:

    I love these big beans. We eat them a lot in Greece. Right now I don’t feel like eating, I’m sick in my stomach. Virtual hugs, Mitza

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  3. Sharon says:

    Oh, Judie, it’s almost painful to see that picture and realize I am all the way across the country from that yummy, innovative food!

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    • judilyn says:

      You can do it, Sharon! Just get out your Crock-Pot !!! And an onion!!


      • Sharon says:

        First I need to make some bone broth. I have a chicken in the freezer, so maybe I can make something at least similar!

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        • judilyn says:

          Clearly not necessary to wait until you have bone broth. Just use water, and then next time you can compare how much more wonderful it is with bone broth. I keep several quarts going all the time. I roast a big chicken in the Nesco roaster about once a week. This provides a ton of meat and a couple of quarts of broth. You can use the meat so many different ways with no prep work after the initial baking. I just heat up the Nesco roaster to as high as it will go to pre-heat, plop in the chicken, set the timer for about 15 minutes to give it a good head start, and then turn the heat down to 200 to 225 and let it roast until it is 180 degrees. Sometimes I don’t even use it for the evening meal; it’s just to have on hand. I put the Nesco roaster in the utility room, so the heat stays out of my kitchen. When we are traveling, I use it outside of the rig! ;->


  4. Schnippelboy says:

    Ich liebe dicke Bohnen

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