Pizza for The Old Jersey Lady


I had intended for this to be a chicken and broccoli pizza, but there were so many toppings, that I didn’t bother with the chicken.   Here it is ready to pop into a 525-degree oven. 

There was some breakfast sausage in the refrigerator that needed to be cooked, so an ingredient change came about at the last minute.   
For a real twist, I used jalapeño pepper cheese instead of mozzarella. 

Freshly roasted red peppers are a staple on pizza, as they add so much flavor.  We really love the slowly sautéed sweet Texas onions, so there are plenty of them, too. 

I brushed the crust with a good coating of olive oil as usual, but left off any tomato-based sauce.  Turned out just right.  

This pizza is dedicated to our good friend, Old Jersey Lady, who is recovering from some pretty hefty surgery.  Here’s hoping she will be up and around real soon, and back on our doorstep for her own personal pizza sooner than soon. 


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9 Responses to Pizza for The Old Jersey Lady

  1. taphian says:

    looks perfect. My son would crawl inside the computer if he saw it, hehe. Virtual hugs, Mitza


  2. Love this!! And the name is priceless!

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