Teeny Tiny Frittata


I was up very early this morning, so couldn’t really wait for the usual late breakfast hour to roll around.  

Fortunately there was a small bowl of egg wash left from last night’s bread-baking session.  I frizzled a bit of angel hair pasta, tossed in a few sprigs of broccoli and some fresh salsa, and heated it up.  

Poured in the egg, et voila – I had a quick snack to hold me over.   I added some lemon pepper and a light sprinkle of berbere and gobbled it down. 

Five minutes well spent!


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8 Responses to Teeny Tiny Frittata

  1. gypsy97 says:

    I wouldn’t ever think of using pasta in my breakfast, but that dish looks absolutely yummy! I love the way you use leftovers of all kinds, as well. I’ll be eating a lot of leftovers during the coming month – my d-i-l and son put leftovers into the fridge every evening, and then get them all out on Thursday evening and into the garbage. When I’m there the garbage contribution is a lot lighter as I have all the leftovers for my lunch! I hate to waste!


    • judilyn says:

      I frequently make a luncheon or light supper dish like this, only with more ingredients. If I hadn’t been soooo hungry this morning, I would have sautéed some mushroom slices and some Mexican scallions first, and then sprinkled some shredded Asiago cheese on top of the finished dish. This is the sort of thing that leftovers were made for! ;->

      For a heartier version, you can roll it up in a tortilla – with our without refried beans and cheese inside – and make a real meal of it.

      If you do this with your family’s leftovers for your lunch every day, maybe they will join in – at least at the weekend. It’s definitely a money saver as well as totally and delightfully delicious.


  2. gypsy97 says:

    My d-i-l sometimes takes something left over for her lunch the following day. To be fair to them, both have daily commutes of an hour to hour and a half, each way. By the time they get home they are exhausted and cook something quick or more likely, go out for dinner. Their boys are so picky that I don’t cook for them at all – I live a much different life these days!


    • judilyn says:

      Might they benefit from one of those “deliver all the right ingredients” services? When we lived in California, folks were commuting from as far away as Tracy to the base, using up gallons and gallons of (then) VERY expensive gasoline. When we bought our first house there (1987), I did a spreadsheet on costs, and it was much more advantageous to live in an expensive townhouse three miles from the base (and four miles to Apple for me) than to get a regular house in the ‘burbs and commute as you mention. Mortgage interest and taxes on a house are tax deductible – gasoline costs are not. Of course, the situation in New York may be entirely different, but that’s the way it shook out for us.


  3. Yummy. I too love using leftover pasta in frittata, especially when it gets crunchy.


  4. LFFL says:

    If only everything made for lunch or dinner was 5 minutes I’d be in heaven! 😉


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