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A Pattern in an Unexpected Place

What do you see?    Here’s a clue:   

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The Pomegranate 

Received this as a hostess gift and let it ripen for several weeks.     Watched a few videos on how best to get out the seeds.  Here are the results of Step 1.     See those white membranes?  Removing those … Continue reading

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Warm Fire

In 2003, we stayed in Santa Fe for four months, and one day we took a drive up to see the Taos Pueblo. There was an admission charge, of course, and an extra charge to use a camera on the … Continue reading

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Great Northern Beans

   This looks like a simple meal, but it was really so tasty and so satisfying! The zucchini, mushrooms and onions were the perfect vegetable with the salty ham, and the perfectly seasoned beans.   A little dab of English … Continue reading

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The Umbrella Awning

I took this picture about two years ago and have gone back to it time and time again to get the result that I felt was there. I’m glad I kept it, even though it was taken with my old … Continue reading

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Egg Shopping

This looks like a good price! I wonder where the feathers come from to make the quilts!!!

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The Pig Snuffle

A storm is coming across from the mountains and a pair of young collared javelina are scarfing up the fallen acorns beneath one of our oak trees. They were unperturbed by the shining of the flashlight held by my able … Continue reading

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Chick-o Bell

   This delicious lunch was quicker to put together than using a drive-through window at a restaurant.  What’s in it? Chicken bone broth Chicken pieces Sausage meatballs The veggies left from a stir fry About a teaspoon or so of … Continue reading

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Night Rose

Last night I was taking out the trash and our rosetree summoned me for a look at its beautiful flowers as they enjoyed the night air. On a lark, I whipped out my iPhone and took this picture of the … Continue reading

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Beef Tips and Mushrooms 

   Stew meat tenderized in the Crock Pot, with onions and mushroom gravy over barley.  And good old broccoli! Quick, simple, and delicious!

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Southern Italy, with a Little Bit of Greece

We were nearing the end of one of the best batches of spaghetti sauce I’ve ever made and I wasn’t sure there would be a sufficient quantity for dinner, so I sautéed a few sliced mushrooms and added them in. … Continue reading

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The New Picnic Basket

This nifty insulated picnic cooler was just begging to go on a jaunt.     So I packed it up with sliced chicken and smokey Gouda cheese on whole wheat sesame buns, and some other typical picnic goodies, and off we … Continue reading

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