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Divided nutrition

You may have noticed that nutrition is near and dear to my heart. This chart passed before my eyes a couple of weeks ago, and I really want to share it. It is the best one I have ever seen because it is more than just a “pie chart” of a few representative foods in each group. I like the way it shows many different foods within each category, and found it particularly appealing, not only for the information that it imparts so easily, but as a picture itself.

I am in no way a health professional, but when I read about what each food group shown brings to the party for our overall health, it would seem counterproductive to eliminate an entire group, unless there is a serious hazard for one’s particular bodily functions or health. I’m not convinced that depriving one’s body of one or more of these major food groups without serious reason is really a good idea, but to each one’s own.

I totally understand about wanting to eliminate the eating of the flesh of animals because of respect for life, but enjoying their output of eggs, milk, cheese, etc. seems innocuous enough. If one is concerned about the conditions in which animals are raised for their food products, then perhaps it is possible for the consumer to seek out, as much as possible, where animals are raised in humane conditions, and patronize those businesses.

Although we easily do without big hunks of meat (we are low-volume meat eaters), I really can’t imagine a world without whole wheat toast and poached duck eggs! That said, I really am curious about each person’s reasoning behind this type of category elimination, and very much welcome comments on the subject.

Please tell us what you think!


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11 Responses to Nutrition Plate

  1. Will says:

    Hey Judilyn, Thankyou for this post. To be honest I think that meat is essential for our diet but just like anything else their has to be moderation. I would like to bring up the topic of weight loss when it comes to nutrition. I feel that alot of people think that weight loss is in proportionate to the diet or nutrition you have. I disagree. I have read that hormones are responsible for fat buildup not necessarily the foods you eat. My aunt used this in order to tone her self for a wedding she had to go to .

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  2. Chris says:

    I’m with you, Judie, thinking it is counterproductive to eliminate an entire food group without reason. My wife has some gastro problems and her gastro doc is having her eliminate various foods within the various groups, trying to determine which ones may be aggravating the problem. Right now he has suggested eliminating foods high in FODMAPs as a starting point. Time will tell. Chris

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  3. I believe in “everything in moderation”, unless for obvious medical reasons (celiac, for example) – and totally agree about seeking local, humanly raised meats.
    As for people who choose to eliminate whatever – to each his own, just as long as I don’t have to be exposed to their endless preaching… 🙂

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    • judilyn says:

      I am probably guilty of “endless preaching” about diversity, but hopefully not too obnoxious about it! ;-> I can understand eliminating out and out meat products because there are other forms of protein, but the trace amounts of beneficial things in all foods may very well be necessary to keep the body in correct balance. Perhaps there are trace elements in meat products that are necessary??? I wish I knew more about the biochemistry of foods. Some day I should study up.

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      • Somehow people who “preach” for diversity are by far more tolerant than the ones who have “seen the light”… 😉
        We’re in a time that too much is put on every bite, hysteria has taken over common sense. It’s just a shame. Food is not the enemy. 😦

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        • judilyn says:

          To repeat . . . I am NOT a health professional, but it does seem that there are far more allergies to ordinary things these days. Is it because we are not exposed to as many varieties of things as in “ye olden days”? Growing up I knew absolutely NO ONE that had any kind of allergies to peanuts, but now peanut products are entirely banned from schools??? Do I have that straight? I have seen comments here and there that a child got reprimanded and/or sent home because there was a peanut butter sandwich or cookie in his lunch bucket. Probably airlines no longer pass out sleeves of peanuts on flights, right? I usually carry almonds or pecans around with me for an emergency snack, but if I preferred peanuts, what would happen if I happened to be found to have them in my purse when attending a function? Or is it just schools?

          That seems absurdly limiting to the freedom to eat anything one wishes in a public environment. Is this restriction really necessary? Why are the afflicted persons not tasked with their own well being instead of compelling the rest of the world to banish a particular item?

          If this *were* a reasonable thing to do, I would vote to banish garlic, but I don’t think the rest of the world would appreciate that! ;->

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          • Yes, you got it right. Schools are “peanut free zones” now… some say it’s because of not introducing peanuts to young kids at a very early age, causing them to become allergic later on to this “new” ingredient. (Here is a link to an interesting article, that shows that in Israel, where the most popular snack contains peanuts, there are by far less peanut sensitives:

            I am aware of the fact that some food allergies can be very serious – even life threatening. However, in most cases it is not so, and I’m not sure why out of all the foods that can be allergenic, only peanuts are “persecuted” in this manner.
            You are right – the freedom to eat whatever wherever is no longer an option in many places.. but please, don’t take my garlic away! 😀

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          • judilyn says:

            Good article! Thanks for providing it.

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