Cheese Bread, Light

cheese bread and rolls

Just before popping them into the oven.

What are those little dots? That is a heaping helping of teff, an Ethiopian grain. The word itself means “lost”, I’ve read. And I can see how that is. If one of the grains falls on the floor, it is, indeed, lost! I’ve gotten in the habit of adding these little guys to all of my yeast breads. DH says he can taste them, but I’m not sure I can.

I was inspired to add shredded sharp Cheddar to my bread dough this time because of the great success of the cheese rolls from Tasty Eats

a couple of weeks ago. I used a duck egg (they’re really big), butter and about a quarter cup of freshly shredded (please don’t use shredded cheese from a package; it is loaded with cellulose and has lots of surfaces to collect mold spores) Cheddar cheese. The amount doesn’t really come across as CHEESE – it just gives the bread a bit of a feeling of richness.

It makes super great toast, but watch carefully, as the extra cheese can fool you. It gets so deliciously crispy on the outside, while remaining soft on the inside. Certainly my idea of the perfect piece of toast. Have plenty of soft butter available! The cheese does NOT interfere with the addition of honey or marmalade. You won’t even register cheese . . . just “oh, my! That is delicious toast”.

These are very light, so for you and your closest eight friends, there can be dinner rolls!

Cheese bread and rolls,


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6 Responses to Cheese Bread, Light

  1. Such great looking bread and rolls! Love the addition of Teff and the cheese!
    Thanks for the link to my blog. It’s always great to see how one recipe inspires another. 🙂
    Totally with you about the pre-shredded cheese. It’s just awful stuff.


  2. taphian says:

    that looks very good, Judi, I’m hungry


    • judilyn says:

      The tiny bit of cheese gives it some panache without registering as actual cheese. We really like it. Too much cheese tends to make it easier to burn a food item, but this turned out just right. I have no idea how much I actually put in there. I don’t keep very good records. I just grated up some cheese for dinner, and, on a lark, tossed some into the bread dough as I was making it, and put the rest in a container to use at the table at dinnertime.

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