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Frontier Justice

   This plate was on the back of a really old pick up truck at Brown Canyon Ranch where we went to photograph last week.  It brought up a lot of thoughts about how policing has changed over the years. 

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Turmeric Salad

   They say turmeric is good for joint pain.  Anyone with experience on this subject? I’ve been putting it in a lot of foods as I eat them.  It wasn’t too bad on this cottage cheese, but certainly isn’t a … Continue reading

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Twice-baked Potatoes – in Quicktime

Sometimes solutions just fall on me out of the sky. I had “baked” six huge Russet potatoes in a marathon session in the Crock-Pot, so had them on hand. A couple of nights before that, I had made some mashed … Continue reading

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Instant Lunch (Italian Sausage Sandwich)

   I still haven’t made any new bone broth, so DH’s request for soup for lunch was a no-go.  His other fave is sausage, so with five cooked links in the freezer, it was easy to put one in a … Continue reading

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Mountains Spotted Just a quick note to post a photo of the winter wonderland that is happening in the mountains behind our house. Click here to see.

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Tapas for One

   Remember those little cheese rolls?  Well, they quite handily provided the base for other bits of leftovers, and with the crunch and moisture of the red pepper, tomato, and cucumber slices, this was a real taste treat for a … Continue reading

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   The last of two delicious soups, and the last of the cornbread.   Also, no more bone broth on hand.  I may need to go out to forage tomorrow!

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