Soup-Sal-Sand – Girly Style – and Animals Spotted

soup sal sand girly

This is pretty much a gratuitous post to let you know that there is a new post to ANIMALS SPOTTED.

The soup is a very rich chicken broth with bits o’ beef and lots of veggies, including some tomato salsa, and a few tablespoons of pasta sauce that give it a nice tomato-y richness. Turns out the soup made too much volume for me, so I had just the salad plate. Luckily, DH was able to help me out by eating the soup!

I hope you enjoy both! ;->


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19 Responses to Soup-Sal-Sand – Girly Style – and Animals Spotted

  1. Such a colorful and fresh selection. A good start for the new year. 🙂

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  2. gypsy97 says:

    You should win an award for presentation. All your meals are as beautiful as they are healthy and no doubt delicious!

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  3. taphian says:

    wonderful and good looking, virtual hugs, Mitza


  4. Kit says:

    Me thinks that you and the AZ Fish & Game Dept would make a good team what with your data collection and pics!

    On another note, I can just hear all those critters out in the brush, saying to one another, “see you at Judie’s Watering Hole!”. . .


    • judilyn says:

      We had let it run dry the last couple of days from pure neglect! But it is full now and awaits the “herd”. I seem to think about it in the evening, and am not inclined to leave my warm nest to stumble around in the dark to fill it after dark. If the deer pass by during the night, they can totally drain it overnight, so unless I look every day, it can go dry unnoticed. I think there are about six or seven deer, but they don’t all come by at the same time. The javelina are definitely regular customers, but I don’t know how much they drink. They have massive bodies and are vegetarians (I think), so they must get that bulk from fluid somehow.

      More on the javelina here:

      If you go back to the main URL of this site, you will find a lot of really nice stuff to read about “nature” things in several states.


      • Kit says:

        Hmm. . .maybe kick it up a notch and install a water line & float?

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        • judilyn says:

          We have had that tied into the drip system for the trees since Day One, but there is a break somewhere in the underground hoses, and we haven’t had the energy to locate and fix it, so the whole drip system is inoperative. You should feel free to come troubleshoot and fix it! ;->


  5. LFFL says:

    I see you’re still making mouth-watering fixins, Judilyn. And this is the time of year for a good bowl of soup!

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  6. Fabio says:

    Very beautiful photo of a colorful and rich treat! Thank you! 🙂


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