Turmeric vs. Joint Pain

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Is it the turmeric that is making a difference for me? I hope so. I’m putting it in and on just about everything these days, and it seems to be making a pretty good-sized dent in the joint pain I have been suffering with for a very long time – lots of years. Is it possible? I don’t know – maybe it is just a coincidence, but whatever it is, I am very glad not to wince with each step I take.

And, yes, that is my other new-found spice – smoked paprika – on the chicken breast. This was a very satisfying meal.


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19 Responses to Turmeric vs. Joint Pain

  1. David Roderick says:

    Hi Judi…
    Amazing, you are still blogging! Bravo.

    Ok…my wife also suffers from occasional joint and lower leg and ankle pain. First thing she did, after much research on my part, is she gave up the statins. Immediate relief wthin two weeks. Now she does yoga, which really helped. And…turmeric, also. We have changed over to a plant based diet for life as a base, occasionally adding chicken and fish a few times a month. Favorite antidote for joints…Gin Tonic on warm, summer evenings. The Tonic water is a wonderful pain reducer with the quinine. Keep your shares coming. Wonderful!!!

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    • judilyn says:

      Thanks for reading, David. Glad to hear Nola is benefitting from the dietary changes. I’ve never needed a statin, so have zero experience with them, but have heard really awful things about them. I hope they soon fall into the “banned in Boston” category!


  2. gypsy97 says:

    I swear by tumeric! I take two capsules of it daily, plus sprinkle it on some foods, although not very many. The previous commenter is correct about statins causing severe pain. I had just started taking them the week before I left on a cross country trip. I reach Minnesota when I had such severe pain in my arm and shoulder I could barely drive. Now I don’t give a fig what my cholesterol is, and I don’t plan to ever get it checked again! (It isn’t high, but most doctors just want to prescribe something – anything.)

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    • judilyn says:

      I hear that about prescriptions! I’m not sure which came first – the patients’ clamor for meds, or the doctors’ having discovered the “need”, but I’m with you. There are far too many drugs floating around. They get in the water supply, too, which doesn’t help at all. I don’t watch commercial television at home, but am aghast at what I see when we are in waiting rooms. I thought all those medication commercials were just shown in medical offices, but nooooooo! They seem to be totally ubiquitous all over the channels. The fast-talking caveats at the end of the commercial are totally astounding. I heard one for (I think it was) smoking cessation, and the side effects were totally worse than the effects of smoking. And, no, I am not a smoker – ever.


  3. Ed & Carol Daniels says:

    Been taking turmeric tablets for years. Seems to work for me.


  4. taphian says:

    I use tumeric for Indian food, together with curry. Really missed you, Judi, hope you are fine, have a nice day, virtual hugs Mitza


    • judilyn says:

      We’ve been having some cold (for us, anyway) weather, and I think my brain shrinks up! ;-> It was down into the 20’s (F) a few nights, but most days are sunny and 50 – 60 degrees. Should be back in the 70’s in a few days. I don’t much care for cold weather.

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      • taphian says:

        Wow, didn’t think that you had such a cold. I was still bicycling in this kind of cold, dressed like an old Russian grandma, could hardly move. Hope you will be heated-up again. Virtual hugs Mitza


        • judilyn says:

          It isn’t really very unpleasant, so long as the sun is shining, which it does – most of the time. I am just an incredible crybaby! Sometimes I need to put on a jacket and a hat when walking outside, but the dry climate makes the cold quite bearable. It is about 55 degrees outside right now, according to the thermometer, and I was out on the deck in just a tee shirt and a cotton, long-sleeved shirt and was comfortable. If I were going to be out for a very long time, I would have added a fuzzy overshirt to be completely comfortable.

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  5. Liz says:

    I cook with turmeric at least twice a week. Mostly in rice and curries. Glad to hear it’s good for joint pains. That means i should continue eating it, perhaps, there time a week. Thanks for the tip!

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  6. LFFL says:

    I always hear wonderful things about tumeric. I really should use it more.

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