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creamy salsa avocado dip.blog

I’ve been experimenting with my homemade hummus and other ingredients to make a more interesting dip than just the hummus on its own. You see the final (at least for now) result above.

It is equal parts of hummus, sour cream, and packaged spicy avocado dip to which I then added about half an equal part of fresh salsa. I don’t usually eat fresh salsa (EW – raw onions!!!), but in this dip, turns out that they disappear altogether, leaving behind just a nice bite to the dip. Surprised me!

I get a lot of fresh avocados, but at the end of the season, they sell these packaged pure avocado dips packaged up in 6-, 8-, and 12-ounce sizes, and they freeze beautifully. I get them by the handful and then use them when the avocados themselves are not particularly good.

Of course I added turmeric and smoked paprika to the dip. The little scoopers are just right to get a big mouthful without dribbling it down the front of my clothing!


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11 Responses to Dip ‘n’ Crunch – Squawk-a-moley

  1. gypsy97 says:

    The dip looks good – although I’m not a hummus eater but could probably use a different base.

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    • judilyn says:

      I make my own hummus, therefore there is NO GARLIC in it. I think the commercial hummus is way too – well, way too something that I don’t like. What I make myself is much better, and provides this nice base for experimenting. It is a really nutritious food, so I was glad to find a way to enjoy it by the dump truck load! ;->


  2. That’s a very nutritious combo you’ve made here! 🙂
    By the way, as for turmeric, I’ve read somewhere it works best when combined with black pepper.


  3. K says:

    Yummy-Yummy in the Tummy. . .

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  4. taphian says:

    this dip looks really great. I remember hummus from the time I was in Israel. Unfortunately they don’t like these peas in my family but I would eat your dip with delight. Have a nice weekend, virtual hugs Mitza

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  5. LFFL says:

    This is something I’ve always wanted to try to make. I love a good hummus.

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