Leftover Pizza for Lunch

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Here is just a quicky post to show how a quarter of a pizza is plenty of food for a lunch for two people. What you see is my plate. Gary had one that looks just like it. I still have the other quarter in the refrigerator for whatever variations I think up for next time.

On pizza, I usually have a lot of caramelized onions and crispy mushrooms, but the larder had been empty of both those items for this pizza. 😦 Both of those items really, really lend a specialness to pizza – or just about anything else on that order, for that matter. So much flavor!!

So for this particular time, with no onions and no mushrooms on hand, I sautéed up some red pepper slices and some very thinly sliced zucchini, and plopped them on top of the first half of the leftover half (thus a quarter) of the Monterey Pizza. I sprinkled a bit of shredded Mozzarella on top to hold the veggies in place.

How to reheat without destroying the beauty of this delight? Well, I put a little coconut oil (or sometimes ghee, depending on my mood) in a non-stick frying pan, and put it on a medium-low heat on the stove top, letting it get pretty hot before adding the pizza slices. This time it was really simple because I had sautéed the veggies in that pan, so there was already a nice film of “slippery” in the pan, and it was hot.

At that point, I put the pizza pieces into the pan, put on the additional new toppings and covered the pan, turning down the heat to as low as it would go. It took about ten minutes on that very low heat to get hot completely through, so at that point, I took off the top and checked to see that the bottom hadn’t burned. Probably a good idea to check from time to time until you have the behaviour of your pan well in your mind.

I leave the top on so that the toppings will heat through, but once that is accomplished, taking the top off tends to make the whole thing as crispy as fresh for your dining pleasure.

If you are REALLY pressed for time, you can heat the cold pizza in a microwave for about half a minute to help get the whole thing warm all the way through, but eating it at that point would be a total waste of calories. But it does give a head start on the warming process. Just be sure to finish it off in the frying pan so the bottom crust will be crispy and delicious!

I have never tried this with a purchased pizza, but if you find the need, it might work. Give it a try! ;->


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2 Responses to Leftover Pizza for Lunch

  1. taphian says:

    good idea to put caramelized onions and crispy mushrooms on your pizza, Judi. Virtual hugs, Mitza


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