The Olds and the Older

olds and sky ps

The back is an Oldsmobile Bravada – the front was built from a kit to resemble an old car front.

Anyone know which old car it is?


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15 Responses to The Olds and the Older

  1. gypsy97 says:

    I’m an “old” but I don’t have a clue what that car is!


    • judilyn says:

      I loved the looks of the lines on that beauty. I was at the same repair shop today, and there was a peach sherbet-colored 1955 Chevy that had been restored. You may see it soon. It was gorgeous!


  2. Craig says:

    Before my time, but I’m guessing a late 30s Ford.

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  3. All I know about cars is that they have 4 wheels… 🙂


    • judilyn says:

      And that those wheels are, quite handily, round! ;-> I love the lines of old cars, but know nothing about their inner workings.

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      • I can appreciate the design, but for the life of me can’t differentiate models. As feminist as I am, I have to say that in general it’s more of a male brain thing…
        For me it’s “as long as it drives it’s perfect!” 🙂


        • judilyn says:

          After about the 80’s, they pretty much all started to look alike, but my teenaged years (1953 to 1963) were filled with wondrous beauties of design. At that time, there were still some of the old pre-war lovelies around on the streets, as well as the sparkling new post-war models with those amazing fins and extraordinary lengths. I see one of those long “boats” in our complex once in a while, and it looks like it should be docking rather than parking!

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  4. Liz says:

    I love them old cars. Unique and interesting!


  5. andybaird1 says:

    Since it’s an aftermarket add-on, it may not be an exact reproduction of any one car… but it looks to me as if it was inspired by a 1940 Ford. Try a Google image search and see what you think. (Interestingly, it does not look like any of the late-Thirties Oldsmobiles.)

    While you’re at it, try a Google image search for ‘1940 ford vw beetle’. A similar front-end conversion kit has long been available for the old VW Beetle, and since the Beetle was a late-Thirties body style that remained essentially unchanged for fifty-odd years, the ’40 Ford front end looks even more appropriate on it than on the boxy Bravada. Regardless, I love the look!


  6. andybaird1 says:

    P.S.–Here’s an outfit that sells the VW front-end conversions… in your choice of ’32, ’36, ’37 and ’40 Ford styling, no less!


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