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A Man and a Woman

I was going to show you the second round of the chicken salad in this post, but our visit to the Cancer Clinic today provided a new, and much more exciting, target for the camera in my iPhone. You may … Continue reading

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Chicken Salad on Whole Wheat Sourdough Medallions

It was one of those lunches that just grew like Topsy. I had a bit of solid white meat chicken breast leftover from the night before, and Chicken Man reminded me of how much he loves my chicken salad. So, … Continue reading

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Is It a Quiche or an Omelette ?

  Another chapter in the life of my new Cuisinart Oven Central. Inspired by an email from a friend (waving to Laurie), who also has one of these beauties, wherein she told me about all the wonderful things she was … Continue reading

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Beautiful Simplicity

I was walking by our rose tree just now, and these two brave little soldiers were beckoning to me to make their portrait.  The rest of the tree is covered with deadheads, but the other day the now-wilted rose came … Continue reading

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Who’s the New Guy?

  This is just a silly post to let everyone know that there is a really nifty picture up on ANIMALS SPOTTED! These guys were found over in Patagonia.  It was touch and go before they decided to let the … Continue reading

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French Toast Double Play

  For our special breakfast last Sunday we substituted French toast for the requisite blueberry pancakes.  There were (by design, of course) enough pieces left over for bedtime snacks for Mr. Night Owl and/or after-dinner desserts. Here you see the toast, warmed … Continue reading

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Reaching for the Sky

  These stalks grow like this at a rapid rate.  This one is in the yard of the house across the street from our house, and I can stand at my doorway and watch its progress towards the sky.  Truly … Continue reading

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Partners in Crime

Six boxes to go!  Sweet as can be and lovely with super dark chocolate.

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