French Toast Double Play

French toast double


For our special breakfast last Sunday we substituted French toast for the requisite blueberry pancakes.  There were (by design, of course) enough pieces left over for bedtime snacks for Mr. Night Owl and/or after-dinner desserts.

Here you see the toast, warmed up in our new toaster (which did a great job!), spread with cream cheese, drizzled with real maple syrup, sprinkled with cinnamon, and topped with the sweetest raspberries that I can remember.  The raspberries were selected by visiting friends and boy, are we ever grateful!  So delicious!  (Waving to Karen and George !!)

It was a toss up whether to cut up the pieces or eat out of hand!!


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8 Responses to French Toast Double Play

  1. gypsy97 says:

    I couldn’t leave a reply because I had to re-register, and can’t remember my WordPress password. I’m about ready to quit the internet entirely – these damn passwords are getting me angry!

    I haven’t had french toast in years and it never looked as beautiful as yours!



  2. Rice N Dine says:

    Breakfast-perfect! 🙂

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  3. Clanmother says:

    This is a beautiful way to start a day. When I was young and money was rather scarce, my mother created the best French toast or bread pudding from stale bread. Now, that we are fully engaged in organic recycling, we have learned to reduce our food wastage. When you know better, you do better. I just wanted you to know that I really enjoy your posts!!!


  4. Kim says:

    Yummo! Haven’t the raspberries been good this year?

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