Chicken Salad on Whole Wheat Sourdough Medallions


It was one of those lunches that just grew like Topsy. I had a bit of solid white meat chicken breast leftover from the night before, and Chicken Man reminded me of how much he loves my chicken salad. So, while he was at the gym exercising, I started the process of conjuring up a big pile of chicken salad.

With each additional ingredient, it looked more and more delicious, and as we started to eat it on those cute little medallions, DH suggested that I should write down the ingredients. I am a notoriously bad recipe writer. I make something that turns out really good, never to be tasted again in exactly the same way. Not sure if this is good or bad, but it IS the way it is.

But this time, I took pity on him and grabbed a small notepad that I had by my computer and wrote down the ingredients as we were munching away on the delicious little morsels.

So here they are. I have no idea of quantities, and I *think* I got everything . . .

Little cubes of provolone cheese
Finely chopped raw onion (a tiny bit; I hate these things!)
Medium chopped celery
Pecan pieces
Dried cranberries
Minced ginger from a jar
Cubed chicken breast pieces
Chopped sweet red bell pepper
Sweet pickle relish
Celery seeds
Curry powder
Lawry’s Seasoned Pepper
Marie’s Cole slaw dressing
Lemon juice

None of the ingredients above that might be considered as “potent” were used in a large quantity, so no particular taste stood out. It was just a nice meld of ingredients that seemed to be happy with each other.

As you can see from the picture above, DH lined his medallion with a thin layer of brown mustard and a thin tomato slice before piling on the chicken salad, and topping it with some peperoncini rings. About two bites, and each one was gone. After a few with those ingredients, DH sprinkled a few drops of his beloved Tabasco sauce on the last one or two. He said it was delicious both ways, but Tabasco is always a favorite of his!

Happily there was a smidge of the mixture left, so today we are having the end of it on some new Russian pumpernickel bread that I made last night. But there isn’t much of the chicken salad left, so there will be a ham and Swiss supplement to round out our lunch today.


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11 Responses to Chicken Salad on Whole Wheat Sourdough Medallions

  1. gypsy97 says:

    It sounds and looks great. I have everything on hand except for dried cranberries. And I’d just skip the onions – I only eat them when they are sauteed, and that isn’t often. I’d also skip the cheese cubes. It’s ironic that I pile shredded cheese on veggies, and other foods, but never, ever eat it out of hand in a chunk. Except of course, for fresh mozzarella slices with tomato & basil leaves! I think I’m too old to change my ways.


    • judilyn says:

      Like the curry, ginger, and pepper, the cheese is invisible in the final melange. I would not have known it was there had I not been the one that added it. It was a good thing I wrote the ingredients down quickly, because, truly, they all melded together and became totally indistinguishable. But . . . to each one’s own. I would leave out the onions for myself, too, but try to make them so small that I don’t notice them. They really do add some bite, but not a flavor that I find desirable.


      • gypsy97 says:

        It looks like it all comes together in a delicious blend. I’ve always been weird about cheese, and really only started eating it as I got older. Of course pizza is different, but I always skipped the cheese on everything else. Now I appreciate the flavor of certain cheeses, although I’m not likely to experiment with a lot of different kinds. I’ve never eaten a grilled cheese sandwich in my life, by the way. It just turns me off for some reason, but I always liked mac & cheese.


  2. Kim says:

    You are so creative in the kitchen!


  3. A lot is going on in this photo! Wonderful pairings. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  4. taphian says:

    this seems to be a wonderful salad and looks really delicious, Judie. Hope you are fine, virtual hugs Mitza

    Liked by 1 person

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