Hard to believe but these quadruplets blossomed at the base of our rose tree.  DH discovered them when he went out to cut off all the deadheads from the tree yesterday.

These were a complete surprise.  I had not seen the buds when they came out. There is one other blossom in the upper part, but otherwise it is just leaves now.

Strange that they chose to blossom out in so many colors and at ground level.  The small sprig of green leaves is just the right touch to enhance them, doncha’ think?  ;->


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8 Responses to Tenacity

  1. K says:

    The explanation is obvious: They sprang forth as an expression of the G-Man’s love for his Earth Angel. . .a perfect arrangement, all around. . .


  2. Wow that’s really impressive! 🙂

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  3. taphian says:

    wonderful colors, nature at it’s best, Judie. Have a nice day, virtual hugs, Mitza


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